When you are riding your snow mobile, you notice a lot of things around you. The snow…the views…the power of the machine beneath you. If your hands are cold, you’ll notice them too, but there are a lot of other things snow mobile gloves can do for your hands and your overall ride other than provide warmth. Here are a few important features to look for when you are shopping for the right snow mobile gloves.



You want snowmobile gloves that provide extra insulation so your hands are warm from your palms all the way to your fingertips. If your fingers are cold, you might have to cut your ride short.



Since snow is simply water in a different form, you need gloves that will keep the water out and off your hands.



Winter winds can be really nasty and they can freeze the fingers fast. Gloves that are windproof will keep your fingers toasty throughout the ride.



You want your hands to be warm, but you don’t want them to cook. You need gloves that allow a little breathability so your hands have air to move around. If they get sweaty, that can make you cold as well.



You need to be able to move your hands, especially your fingers, in order to grip the bars on the snow mobile. The best gloves should be warm and thick, but not so thick that you can’t hold onto the bars with ease.


Extra padding

Some gloves have padding in the palm. This protects you from injuries when you fall, but it also secures your hand against going numb from the vibration of the snow mobile. You want to be able to feel your hands at all times in order to safely operate the machine.


Wrist Sleeve

The snow mobile gloves should go past your wrist and extend into the sleeve of your suit. This prevents snow from getting into the glove and freezing your wrist or hands.


Goggle Wiper

This optional feature is usually on the left index finger or thumb. It is a different material that is good for wiping the snow and water off the goggles without smearing it around and lowering visibility.


Adjustable Closure

It is nice to be able to tighten and loosen the closure of the glove based on the clothing you are wearing beneath it. Sometimes, you might have on something more lightweight than other times. The adjustment option allows the glove to fit you any time no matter what you wear.


When it comes to snow mobile gloves, protection and warmth are what counts. Examine the gloves you are thinking about buying and ensure that they have all of the protective safety features you desire to have. Then, make sure they fit nicely and check for additional features that might be nice as well.