Minnesota is a winter wonderland during many of the winter months. That makes it the perfect spot for snowmobile riding. With more trails than you know what to do with, it has plenty of great opportunities for a fun ride. Whether you live in the area, or just want to visit for the winter fun, there are plenty of routes to enjoy within this snowy state! Here are a few of the best areas to visit.


Paul Bunyan Trail Towns

This one of a kind trails offers endless miles of highly groomed trails. They are great for any rider from beginner to advanced. This is the perfect location for a snowmobiling vacation. You can wave from Brainerd to Bemidji and back again, stopping at a number of communities along the way. There are plenty of places to stop and eat and get gas and lodging amenities are plentiful as well. The trail maps give you 100 miles of coverage and you can easily get weather updates so you can ride with confidence as well.


Brainerd Lake Area

This destination is one of the state’s premiere snowmobile locations with over 1,200 miles of networked trails going out in any direction. If you want hours upon hours of options, this is the best place to stop. You can find easy rides and challenges all in one location. And even if you stay for a week, you never have to ride the same route twice!


Beaver Creek Trails

The Beaver Creek Trails in the northeast portion of the state are located within Beaver Creek Valley State park. In the summer, this area is a fisherman’s paradise. In the winter, the snowmobiles take over. There are historic sites to enjoy the park and often plenty of wildlife as well. The trails are mostly manicured, but there are a few rougher rides as well.


Cross Country Trail Blazers Route

This route takes you partially across the state on a fun, hilly ride that is great for intermediate and advanced riders. Make sure you are full up on gas before you take off on this ride since amenities are scarce. Grab a snack and drink to take along as well and enjoy the ride in the wide, open snow.


Duluth Cross City Trail

The Munger Trail that extends west from Lakewalk to Canal Park is a great ride in the wintertime. There are a number of beautiful trees in the area, which makes the ride all that much more pleasant. The snow, when packed down, can be rather icy so riding on a warmer day is recommended.


Minnesota is one of the premiere snowmobile riding locations in the country. With plenty of snow to spare and a lot of routes to enjoy, it is hard to fit it all into one season!