Snowmobiling is a popular winter sport in New England. Vacations are prevalent in the area as people travel from all over to enjoy the thousands of miles of groomed trails within the states in this region. The Island port area is Vermont is called the “snowmobile capital of New England,” though many from New Hampshire and Maine think their areas should retain that title instead. The region near the Canada border gives you intriguing rural views while Maine has some downright fun trails. To fully cover the area, look at the region by state and enjoy a trip to the area based on the region you most want to explore.



Vermont has mountains, valleys, and wonderful snowmobile terrain. You can trek through the entire state or explore just one region. The Green Mountain State is the perfect place for a snowmobile riding enthusiast. There are breathtaking vistas, country air, perfect accommodations, groomed trails, and delicious meals. There are over 4,700 miles of trails in this state and the trail system includes some of the best trails in the world.


New Hampshire

This state has over 6,800 miles of groomed trails and a remarkably interconnected trail system. Local clubs keep the trails fit for riding as well as non-profit organizations that work statewide. The terrain is diverse and you can enjoy many different rides all in one state.



With over 12,500 miles of trails, 2,500 of which are interconnected, there is always somewhere to ride. You can enjoy uninterrupted travel throughout the state on the interconnected trails. There are local trails that are secluded and show you frozen, beautiful places that most people never go on foot or even in a vehicle. There are also trails that travel over private land and take you into further seclusion. New trails pop up every few years giving return visitors plenty of new places to ride.



There are miles of pristine trails and hundreds of miles of options. You can get trail maps in this state that take you to some of the places with the best conditions. Mohawk State Forest, Housatonic State Forest, and Cockaponset State Forest are some of the most popular snowmobile regions to enjoy.



Volunteers maintain the hundreds of miles of trails within this state. There are more than forty snowmobile clubs so the state is a very snowmobile-friendly state. The trail system allows families and hobbyists hundreds of miles of outdoor exploration. The Berkshires are a great place to visit with more than 25 trails for a variety of riders.


Rhode Island

This state is a great place for family riding. Most of the state is covered with forest, which makes it a snowmobiler’s paradise. There are impressive trails and stunning terrain here that you can’t see from vehicles or on foot. Some of the best areas include Colt State Park, Lincoln Woods State Park, and Burlingame State Park.


With this many options, it is hard to decide where to start when you travel to New England. Choose a state and pick some trails, you can’t go wrong. It is a good idea to plan several trips to different parts of New England so you can enjoy different trails and views. It is hard to hit them all since there are thousands of miles of trails available, but with enough trips, you can at least give it a try!