Snowmobiling is a popular sport in the winter in the Midwest region of the country. There are over 500 miles of public trails and open scramble areas over frozen water available on county and owner lands. There are also over 1000 miles of trails for the public to enjoy on snowmobile club and private lands. Most of the trails in these areas are groomed for the best riding fun. The next time a good snowfall hits, plan a snowmobiling adventure to the Midwest. Here are some of the best routes.





Chain O’Lake State Park

This park allows snowmobile riding on frozen surfaces like on Fox River and Chain O’ Lakes. It is a good idea to call ahead to see about the ice conditions. Otherwise, there are some paths in the park to enjoy as well.


Franklin Creek State Park

There are 4 miles of trails through scenic forests and meadows that feature hardwood trees.


Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park

The signed scenic trails are well groomed and there are even warming houses between the visitor center and parking lot.


Rock Cut State Park

This park has rolling terrain available form 8-5 each day and you can enjoy scenic woodlands on all of them.


Silver Springs State Park

Designates trails have mostly flat terrain with mature trees to enjoy along the way.




Governor Dodge

The marked trails in this area wind around lakes and go across bridges and over streams. There are fields and natural hardwoods to enjoy as well.


Monroe County Trails

The Elroy Bike Trail and La Crosse River Trail are abandoned railroad beds that make for great snowmobile rides. The trails connect to other cities and counties and the forested areas have scenic views. There are 95 miles of groomed club trails open to the public.


Cheese Country Trail

This trail has a new parking facility that allows riders to enjoy another abandoned railroad bed through a wooded area.




Vernon County Trails

These forested trails go through hills and coulees to give you a great ride on a well-marked trail system.


Richland County Trails

Over 100 trails are available in this area with a mixture of rolling hills, and rugged, more challenging terrain. Watch for the change in forestland to agricultural views.


Trempealeau County Trails

The rolling terrain is couples with agricultural lands and forests to give riders a little of everything.


The Midwest often gets plenty of snow and there are enough trails to enjoy for many hours during the winter months. Choose a state the next time a big snow hits and see how much riding you can get in. Next time, choose another one!