Riding a snowmobile is something you can do on your own, with family, or with a group of friends. There are thousands of trails all over the country and if you love riding, you want to try them all! But when you are in Wisconsin, you feel like you have all of the beauty and trail options you could ever want. Here are a few of the best routes to try when riding snowmobiles in Wisconsin.


Namakagon Trails

A specific grooming association maintains these trails so they are always safe and have lots of great facilities surrounding the area. There are over 150 miles of scenic trails in wooded areas within this trail system. The area is highly beautiful and a great winter retreat that you may very well want to visit again and again in order to explore more trails or re-do favorites.


Castle Rock Lake Trails

The trails around this lake are less crowded than those in the northern region of the state. Snowmobile rental is available in the area if you are unable to bring your own vehicle. There are a lot of easy trails for beginners and more advanced trails as well. The bright blue skies contrast against the stark white snow on sunny days giving you impeccable views for miles.


Boulder Junction

This train is found among majestic pines with sparkling snow after a fresh layer is added. You can roam the trail, which is connected to many others and enjoy the North Woods area. There are stops along this trail for food and drinks and you never want for anything on the ride.


St. Germain Trail

This lovely trail is a great stop for beginners. The trail is smooth and open and there are not any close trees. The wooded areas are in sight for extra views and there is often wildlife in the area, but accidents are harder with the open trail and smooth snow.


Hurley Trail

When you are snowmobile riding in Wisconsin, it is hard to skip the Hurley trail. This trail has fun dips and turns that are perfect for experienced riders who want something more challenging and fun. The views are pristine and the white snow trail is well cared for throughout the snowy months.



Wisconsin has over 25,000 miles of lovely, groomed trails that are safe and fun to ride all throughout the winter months. There are great trails for all ages and many of them run through national forests, which are connected to easy to find highways. The top-quality snowmobile options in this state put it high on the travel list when you are looking at a snowmobiling destination!