You wash the clothes you wear when you ride your motorcycle. You wipe down your helmet. You have ways of washing your bike. But what about your gloves? Can you wash leather motorcycle gloves? The answer is yes. You not only can, but you should wash leather motorcycle gloves. Here’s why:



Dirt Wears Them Down

When dirt builds up on anything over time, it erodes the material. Leather is no different and, in fact, is more sensitive to dirt than other materials. If you let dirt and dust sit on the gloves too long, they will not last for nearly as many rides as you’d like. Dirt can cause the gloves to dry out and crack and become more stiff and less pliable.


Oil and Grease Build-up

The oil and grease your hands have on them naturally can build up on the leather gloves over time. This will diminish the quality and effectiveness of the leather. You can’t prevent your body from producing oil, but if you do not clean your gloves, they will deteriorate from it and will become less effective if you ever need them to protect your hands.


Maintain Happy Medium

Leather, since it is made from animal hides, is actually similar to human skin. It needs maintenance in order to remain in good condition. If you let it get too dry, it can crack. On the other side, if you allow it to get too wet, it will deteriorate and lose its effectiveness as well. You need to clean your motorcycle gloves in order to maintain a happy medium that is not too dry and not too wet. Cleaning the gloves and then applying a conditioner is a good way to strike that balance. Your hands add too much oil, but the shampoo will take it out. Then the conditioner will put back into the leather the right amount of oil to help you find that happy medium.


Extend Their Life

If you find a high quality pair of leather motorcycle gloves that fit your hands perfectly, you do not want to spend the time or the money to buy new gloves if you wear yours out too fast. You can extend the life of the gloves by keeping them clean. You will not need to wash them after every ride, but every two weeks to a month, they should be thoroughly cleaned in order to make them last for many years and many more rides.


You not only CAN wash leather gloves, but you SHOULD wash them. Washing your gloves will give them a longer life and they will be more comfortable and effective on your rides as well. Keep an eye on leather washing instructions to ensure that you complete the process correctly and then enjoy the gloves for many years to come.