(April 1, 2105 – Washington, D.C) The days of long leisurely rides on motorcycles could quickly be coming to an end if new regulations proposed by the EPA are put into effect. In an effort to limit green house gas emissions, the Environmental Protection Agency announced sweeping reforms that would severely limit the recreational miles allowed with touring cycle motorcycles.

Based largely on a recent Federally funded study, the EPA sighted that unlike cars and trucks that are largely driven out of necessity, motorcycles are ridden for pleasure. “We are not anti-motorcycle” said April Fuels, spokesman for the EPA. “We understand the exhilaration of having the wind rush by you. To combat global warming, motorcycle enthusists may want to consider a brisk walk instead of a long ride.”

Restrictions considered include high tech GPS tracking devices to low tech limits on the overall size of gas tanks. One idea under consideration would mean fuels capacities no longer measured in gallons but in ounces. “No option is off the table” according to spokesman Fuels. Regulations could go into effect by Summer.

Comments on this proposed regulations change you can be made online at the EPA website.

Comments on this proposed regualtions change you can be made online at the EPA website.