Alabama is a great state to take a motorcycle ride since it has a rich heritage, plenty of culture stops, beautiful scenery, and decent weather for much of the year. This state has a few designated trails that were designed to show culture, history, and scenery along one path. You can expect a variety of things form the scenery including rolling hills, thick forests, and a small area of the Gulf coastline. There are plenty of options throughout the state, but here are some of the best places to cruise when you are looking for an entertaining ride.more


Monroeville to Camden on Route 41

This winding motorcycle route goes through wooded areas and gives you plenty of shade on a hot day. It has some good curves that lead to elevated scenic areas that overlook the countryside. The roads on this route are newly repaved so they are smooth for riding. But you do need to watch for a few sharp curves along the way, especially during the winter months when they might be slick.


Crow Mountain Loop

Enjoy the farmlands of Alabama on this route. You will also climb up and over the local Skyline Mountain. When you are on the mountain, you will have loops and switchbacks and you will have a variety in this ride with hills going both up and down. The views are lovely any time of the year.


Clarke County Ride on Hwy 69

You’ll have plenty of hills and scenery to enjoy on this ride as well as a beautiful wooded area. If you like a challenge, you will enjoy the turns and hills in this rural area. You will start out on Hwy 69 in Jackson, AL and follow it to Coffeeville before you hit 154. The road has sweeping turns and decent road qualities.


AL State 25

If you like a nice sized ride without having to stop to take in the views, hit the state highway 25 starting in Vincent, AL and heading to Leeds AL. The scenery is wonderful and since you don’t have anywhere to stop and see it, you get to enjoy it as you ride. The rural areas include hills and twisting turns and the pavement is good for a ride any time of the year. The road is wide, but the shoulders are narrow so don’t plan on any stops.


Paint Rock Valley

Riders who like watching animals and seeing plants during their rides will love this route. You have good asphalt on this road with a few faults, but there are very sharp curves to slow you down. The valley roads gives you scenic views on every side with the chance to see wildlife and plants as well.


Guntersville State Park

You will get a large variety in this ride with valleys, mountains, and winding paths. The pavement is of good quality and you get a variety in turns, climbs, descent and everything in between. You will start in Rainsville, AL and work your way south on highway 75.


There are many more great motorcycle routes in the state of Alabama, but these favorites will give you a start on enjoying the scenic views, hills, twisting turns and everything else Alabama has to offer to a motorcycle rider.