Alaska is a scenic wonder for any rider and it offers a variety of long and lonely roads. Alaska is known as the last frontier because much of the state remains untouched. That gives a rider endless miles of unspoiled beauty including mountains, coastlines, wildlife, forests and more. The biggest hurdle to overcome is getting your motorcycle to Alaska if you don’t already live there. Once you arrive, you have to then deal with weather, lodging and other factors. It is worth the effort to work it out because when you tour Alaska by motorcycle, you will take rides you won’t soon forget. Here are a few favorite motorcycle routes for riders in Alaska.more


Eklutna Lake Road

The Eklunta River Valley has staggering beauty. Think about seeing Pinoeer Peak, Twin Peaks and other wonders. You may get to see bear, moose, mountain goats or other wildlife. The first nine miles is astounding and you may not get over it for the rest of the ride. The twisty road is fun to ride and the road condition is good for most of the year once the winter sand washes away. The route doesn’t have shoulders and the roads are narrow at times, but its rideable and enjoyable. Make sure you gas up at Eagle River since amenities after that are sparse. To get on this road, you will ride on Glenn Highway from Anchorage and head to Wasilla. Ride the route slow to enjoy the views.


Whittier and Valdez

On this route, you get something unique…a ferry ride, along with the beautiful roads and fun ride. Check the ferry schedule when you are planning your ride and then head south from Anchorage on Hwy 1, also know as Seward Highway. Part of this unique ride includes a single lane tunnel. This tunnel opens in alternative directions in 30-minute increments so keep that in mind as you plan the ride. Overall, the road quality is good and there are a few restaurants and gas stations along the way. The best part of the drive is the scenery since you are riding in the heart of the mountains and get to see glaciers and lakes too.


Kennicott Mine

Take State Highway 10 through Chitina to Edgeton Highway. It turns into a dirt road, but you have about an hour of riding before you reach the pedestrian bridge to McCarthy and enjoy the Kennicott mine 4 miles north of that area. The route is lovely since you can look up from the dirt path and enjoy the scenery, but the best part is the Kennicott mine at the end of the road. It is fun to stay the night in McCarthy and tour the mines as well as hike to Kennicott glacier. The roads are passable, but you often encounter dirt roads so travel with care. This is not a good path in the winter. Some roads are even closed in the winter and the town of McCarthy mostly shuts down as well.


Alaska offers you some of the most breathtaking views any rider can get. Choose the right route and you will get the ride of a lifetime without question. Whether you want to ride slow and enjoy the scenery or ride fast and have fun on the twisty roads, you’ll have everything you could ever want in Alaska.