When you think about riding in the state of Arizona, your mind might automatically wander to the Grand Canyon and the world famous natural wonder of the world. While the Grand Canyon is definitely a gorgeous site to see, the state offers other diverse scenery including pristine lakes, rivers, forests, other canyons, and cactus filled deserts, among other items. Here are a few of the favorite places motorcyclists enjoy riding around Arizona.more


Grand Canyon North Rim Parkway

When you’re in Arizona, it seems inevitable that one of your first rides should be around the Grand Canyon. The north rim parkway starts in the town of Jacob Lake, Arizona and you will then take Route 67 South heading toward the Grand Canyon. This route through the northern part of the state gives you views of the North Rim of the canyon without all of the traffic that the more popular south rim receives. On this route, you will travel through the rich Kaibab National Forest and enjoy pines and many other trees before you hit the Grand Canyon views. You will have a 1,000-foot elevation advantage over the south rim so the views are even more astounding than they are on the other side. You will not see the canyon during the entire ride, but the forest views are beautiful as well.


Old Route 66

If you are in the Kingman, AZ area, find Old Route 66 and head southwest to Oatman. You will get to drive through the Black Mountains and get some of the best mountain and rock formation views along the way. You will be able to overlook California and Nevada as well as Arizona. The road is great for riding because it gives you plenty of fun twists and turns and there are not a lot of large vehicles traveling this way. There are some phenomenal abandoned roadside structures that hold a lot of history such as the famous Route 66 gas station and a ghost town that used to be busy in the mining days. Watch for beautiful scenery as well as interesting history.


Coronado Trail

Use Road 191 out of Clifton, AZ and you will end in Eagar, AZ on this trail. The road will show you a whole new world of Arizona. It sits in the central eastern part of the state and runs along the New Mexico border. You will start in a desert and end in an alpine region. You will enjoy loads of twists and turns, making this remote section of the state worth the trip. With cliffs, canyons, copper mine pits, aspen forests and more, this route has huge view diversities. The road is of high quality, but does give you large elevation changes that will work your bike hard.


Arivaca Sweepers

This route only takes half an hour and starts in the town known as Arivaca Junction. The ride will take you on Southern Arizona’s best road with massive views of the mountains and the desert. Watch for cattle guards and cows along the roads and enjoy the elevation changes and light traffic. Fuel up before you take this adventurous ride since there is not much along the way to stop and grab.


Desert Triangle

This long nearly 1,000-mile ride in Southwest Arizona starts in Yuma and takes you through the scenic portions of the state. It’s a great ride in the early spring and early fall when the desert blooms. You will want to break it up over a few days, but you will look forward to getting back on your bike each morning. The roads are decent, but there are a few rough rides with twisty curves and sand patches. There are also plenty of roadside amenities including food, hotels, and gas on this route.


There are so many more great motorcycle routes in Arizona it is hard to pare it down to just a few. But every rider has to start somewhere. Explore these routes and then search for more great opportunities within what Arizona has to offer!