You may not automatically think of Arkansas as a great place to ride, but the state actually has some of the best motorcycle roads in the country. There are plenty of things to do when you stop and there are mountain ranges, untapped forests, and open roads to enjoy as well. Here are just a few of the best motorcycle routes in the state of Arkansas.more


Missouri Route 86

This route is known as “Ride the Eagle” because you will take route 23 from Eureka Springs across to Eagle Rock. Missouri Route 86 takes over from there in this Ozark Country ride. You will get to enjoy plenty of trees, rolling hills, and banking turns. The beautiful foliage and heavy woods, during a slow time of the year, can lead to light traffic as well. The road quality is mostly good with a few pieces of broken pavement to watch out for. There are also many cities to enjoy along with way with great restaurants, hotels, and other amenities.


Toad Suck Run

Don’t let the name of this route fool you. This road is definitely one not to miss. You grab the road near Toad Suck, an unincorporated community in Perry County, Arkansas. The scenery is great with hills, curves, and forests and the road is often used by local loggers so you might even see a few interesting views there too. Bicycle tours frequent this path so the terrain is not too curvy or difficult, but more fun and relaxing. The asphalt is often tan in color and not very bumpy. You can also enjoy some small town stores to grab a bite to eat or check out old-fashioned fun.


Route 74

This beautiful Arkansas Route takes you from Huntsville to Kingston on Route 35, then 73. It’s a short and sweet ride that packs a lot of scenic views, long hills, twisty turns and more into the ride. With only fourteen miles to enjoy, you may want to travel slow and take in the valley and a lake. This is a great ride to combine with another journey to Ponca, where you can stop and take a float trip. You could also combine the ride with The Arkansas Pig Trail, a famous motorcycle road. There are no potholes on this road and it’s a smooth road with plenty of turns to keep it interesting.


The Arkansas Pig Trail

This ride is only 19 miles long, but it is famous and gives you rugged scenery to enjoy. You will see the forested Boston Mountains, a portion of the Ozark Mountains. It is best to see it in a variety of seasons when possible because the spring wildflowers and brilliant autumn leaves are both extremely beautiful. Watch for hairpin turns around the valleys and next to streams. The road is sometimes called the Arkansas Dragon and at the pit stop halfway down the line, you can get pins and patches that say as much. You’ll want to take the drive slow, not only because of the sharp turns, but also because of the beautiful views.


Boxley Valley Run

This ride takes just over an hour, but takes you through some of the best scenery in the state. You might catch the Elk herd as you ride and the other wildlife and scenery is a treat as well. The gentle curves and hills on the ride are easy to navigate, but some of the roads are old and there shouldn’t be much traffic. There aren’t many places to stop outside of Jasper, but you won’t want to interrupt the views anyway.


Arkansas has a lot more to offer than you might have thought. It has some of the best motorcycle roads and routes in the whole country. Explore these few options and then branch out to others. There are plenty to be discovered within the state of Arkansas!