Colorado has staggering beauty and for many motorcyclists, it is the ultimate riding destination. You get breathtaking stretches along the Rocky Mountains and the state gives riders more amenities than they could ever need. There are so many great rides in Colorado that it is hard to choose just a few. Take your time in the state each time you visit and you’re sure to discover new treasures every trip. Here are just a few of the options for the best motorcycle routes in Colorado.more


Pikes Peak Run

Start in the old-town-looking Manitou Springs and then turn up into Pikes Peak. You will have to pay a toll to get on the road, but it’s a fee worth paying. After the first ten minutes, you will see the top of the peak and you will climb 14,000 feet. There are a lot of heavy trees at first and you will start to see those thin out as you reach higher elevations. There are some switchbacks in the road, but they bring you beautiful views of Colorado Springs below. As you climb higher on your motorcycle, keep in mind the weather is often 40 degrees cooler at the top of the peak as it is in the city.


Garden of the Gods

While you are in the Colorado Springs area, you will not want to miss the Garden of the Gods. This road is fully paved and easy to find and ride. It does not take a long amount of time and it is worth every minute. However, it may take you longer than you expect because you may want to stop, take in some views, and walk on a few trails. Watch for Balanced Rock, the Kissing Camels, and other beautiful natural wonders. The road features several noted pit stops including the visitor’s center and the huge gift center halfway through the area.


Horsetooth Reservoir

You get to start this route in the cute, small little town of Bellevue and tale the N. Colorado Route 23 to the south. Follow that road along the reservoir walls around Horsetooth. You will see some small farms along the way and the reservoir itself is beautiful with plenty of pull off areas for hiking, drinking some water, or even swimming. There are sweeping curves on this road and you may have to slow your speed along the dam walls. The roads are in good condition, though and you will have easy access to Fort Collins where there is plenty of food and entertainment.


San Juan Mountain Skyway

This route is actually a loop so you can pick it up anywhere you’d like and complete it. It is nearly 300 miles long in total and often known as the Million Dollar Highway. You will see some of the most beautiful Rocky Mountain scenes you can find in southwestern Colorado. You will go through historic mining towns, forests, national parks and even world-class ski resorts. And you will get to see the San Juan Mountains, which houses a group of 14,000 foot mountains all in one place. The red rock canyons, hot springs, majestic mountains and river valleys are all picture worthy. Be careful on the route as it has hairpin turns and switch backs without guardrails. There are plenty of places to pull off and look at the scenery and there are also great amenities available.


When you visit the state of Colorado, you can pretty much pick any road and you will have great views to enjoy while you ride. Some roads are safer than others and some have more places to stop and enjoy the views. Use the above guide to choose a few great routes to try out and then explore further on your own! It’s hard to go wrong with a state that has so much to see and enjoy.