Connecticut is a picturesque portion of the country with easy drives for motorcycle riders who live in the New York and Pennsylvania regions or those visiting from other areas. The rolling hills, antique shops, tobacco farms, river valleys and other scenic views allow motorcyclists miles of memories. Here are some of the best routes in the state of Connecticut.more


Scenic Durham to Old Saybrook

This motorcycle route starts in Durham and stretches just less than 40 miles to Old Saybrook. You will get to see small towns and villages, farms, lakes, and historic sites along the route. The Hadlyme Ferry crosses the Connecticut River and you will glimpse Gilette Castle and other sites. The road is great for intermediate or expert riders. It has some sweeping curves, but some of the curves are tight as well. There are good restaurants along the way and some state parks to enjoy as well.


Northern CT Border Run

Ride the northern border and enjoy forests and farmlands. This motorcycle route is quiet and the roads are mostly great. It is the perfect road to explore in the fall when the leaves are changing color. The route is made up of country back roads so you won’t have to worry about traffic and there are a few fun twists and turns along the way as well. There are not many towns to drive through so enjoy the scenery and take a sandwich and drink along with you.


Appalachian Mountain Ride

You will start just outside Granby and the ride takes you along the northwest border of the state and across the top of the Appalachian Trail. You will travel south from there and the long loop can be turned into a lovely weekend trip. The route runs along scenic areas so some roads are steep and twisty. The scenery makes up for the road conditions and there are great state parks, museums, inns and other items along the route.


Litchfield Loop

This loop will take you along the beautiful Litchfield Hill area of the state. You will see well-preserved historical towns and some wonderful New England sites. Part of the trip has been documented in the most scenic drives in America within the Reader’s Digest Guide. The roads are equipped with fun, rolling hills and you have lots of places to stop and see state parks, museums, and other items.


Tri-State Country Tour

If you want to see a few other states while you explore Connecticut, you can take this route to enjoy small pieces of Maryland and Rhode Island as well. You will start in forests and go through farmlands only to end up at the shore. You won’t have much traffic to deal with, but the roads are one lane and the route is long. The country riding means there aren’t many roadside amenities, but you will be riding more for pleasure and not for destination.


Connecticut is especially beautiful to explore in the fall when the leaves are changing and beginning to fall, but many of these motorcycle routes are wonderful at other times of the year as well. Enjoy as many of them as possible and then search for more options!