Delaware is a state rich in history as well as both rural and urban scenery. It has tax-free shopping and the motorcycle roads give you thick forests, shorelines, hills, wooded areas and much more. You can bike for as long as you’d like and then enjoy the beaches, hiking and other fun entertainment. These routes are some of the best in the state for motorcyclists who ride locally and those who travel around.


Coast Shore Run

This 60-mile motorcycle route consists of a quiet 2-lane road that runs up along the Delaware Bay coast. It passes through farmlands and coastal estuaries and there are lots of great side roads that help with picture stops. The winding country roads are good, but they do not have much of a shoulder. There are not a lot of roadside stops so grab a bite to eat before you leave.


The Loop

This short loop is a favorite of local sport riders and those who want a challenge. Riders often gather in groups around the shopping center and ride together. It’s a beautiful ride in the summer and very colorful in the fall. You will enjoy twists and turns through the valleys and the trees offer relief from the heat of the sun. Road conditions are fair, but you will want to watch for sticks on the roads. Some of the lanes are narrow as well.


Countdown 16 15 14 13

This flat route will take you through sweeping turns and you will see Amish communities complete with buggies and farmers. The two-lane blacktop can get jammed up with leaves in the fall, but the 73-mile ride should only take about two hours. You will reach the beach at the end of the road and there are lots of places to stop and rest and get gas along the way.


Brandywine Valley

This valley route will show you a lot of hills along with some covered wooden bridges, waterfalls, and lots of rivers and streams. You will enjoy all of the green and it is hard not to watch the scenes instead of the road. Since the roads twist and turn a lot, you need to concentrate. There are bumps in the road as well and no shoulders. There are a few places to stop, but not really any shops. If you enjoy fishing or river fun, you will love this route. It is one of the most popular roads to ride in Delaware.

Hwy 113

Start in Milford and take US Hwy 113 to the south to Pocomoke City. The scenery will be spotty at first, but you will eventually hit a lot of farm trees, creeks and rivers. You will go through state parks and forests and the roads are flat and smooth without much traffic. There are some restaurants and other places to stop as well as great places to swim, fish and picnic along the way.


Delaware is especially beautiful in the fall and summer, but these motorcycle routes are great for other times of the year as well. Plan ahead and book a room along the busiest roads in case a lot of other people have the same idea you do about a ride!