Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world and has over 1,000 miles of shoreline complete with palm trees, beaches and more. The terrain is mostly level and the motorcycle roads are straight and beautiful. If you enjoy countless beaches, port towns and other pockets of paradise, you’ll like one or more of the best motorcycle routes in the state of Florida.


Venus Backroad

If you want to see some cattle ranches and orange groves, this route is for you. The road is twisty and there is no traffic to complete with. The pavement is in good condition and the roller coaster hills are fun to ride. You can enjoy the Platt Ranch and a public wildlife research center along the way as well.


Treeline Avenue

This short, 5-mile route in Fort Myers is hard to compete with when it comes to beauty. It’s a fun, flat ride that includes some twists and turns. The perfect pavement does not have bumps and the turns are all flagged nicely. There are no buildings, parking longs, or intersections to get in the way. Just 5 miles of a twisty road lined with trees.


Casey Key

Another short ride, this route will give you amazing beach road views. You can take in the beach, amazing houses, and other bits of scenery along the curvy west coast of the state. You will not have anywhere to stop, but the 7 miles is something you may want to repeat several times to see it all.


Van Hoak Loop

Much of Florida is flat and steady, but this loop gives you some great hills and turns. You’ll ride through pastures that let you see for miles and the shaded gully brings you to gorgeous Victorian homes complete with acres of land and horses. Ride this one around sunset, but watch for rough spots in the pavement. The 23-mile ride doesn’t take long, so ride it slow and enjoy the restaurant at the end of the route.


Manasota Key Road

Enjoy the east coast scenery and watch beaches at all times. The main section goes through a residential area that has big trees, which are very relaxing. There aren’t any potholes in the road, but it can be a bit bumpy. There are also some sandy spots so travel with care. Enjoy one of many beach-oriented restaurants in the area, slow down to the 45mph speed limit, and enjoy the calm of the waves around you.


Ocala National Forest

You will get a mixture of forest, wetlands and lakes on this ride and the undeveloped area is very popular with local riders. It is especially beautiful in the fall and spring and if you choose it, make sure you notice the Florida Barge canal below the long bridge in the national forest. The road is mostly straight, but it is the smoothest motorcycle road in the whole state.


Naples to Key West

For a longer, 200 mile ride, enjoy the scenery on this trek. You might spot gators, snakes and turtles as well as plenty of water. Part of the stretch will likely take our breath away and the relaxed pace and straight road gives you a calmed feeling. Key West can be crowded, but it won’t bother you if you turn around and head back the other way. The roads are excellent since the tourists flock to this area and there are quite a few amenities between some of the bigger cities.


Sugarloaf Mountain Ride

Central Florida motorcyclists count this route as one of their favorites. It has hilly inclines, tight corners, and a dramatic change of landscape in comparison to other parts of the state. You start in Orlando, but once you distance yourself from the city, you will see the wooded areas of the northern area. There are curves, steep inclines, and picturesque views. Most of the roads are decent, but there are rough patches and sand as well. This country ride doesn’t allow for many stops, but once you get to the top of the mountain, you can see for miles and enjoy refreshments.


Since Florida has decent weather year round, it is a great place to ride no matter when you visit. Enjoy some of these short or longer rides and combine as many of them into one trip as possible to get the full effect of the state.