Georgia has a vast collection of scenic attractions like mountains, forests, coasts, freshwater venues and more. It gives you picturesque views on virtually any ride. With a historic southern culture and plenty of special events and festivals, trips in this region are distinctive. Decide what type of views you want and whether you want peace and quite, or a celebration of some kind and you can find it in Georgia. Here are some of the best routes to consider.


Scenic Springfield to Augusta Route

This one hundred mile motorcycle route takes you slightly over into South Carolina with a beautiful ride along tree-lined roads. You get to go through dense forest areas and view plantations as well. You will also see the Savannah River, which is a relaxing part of the ride. The roads are mostly flat though there are a few hills to enjoy.


Quad County Figure Eight

If you want to go for a ride that will only take an hour or two, this is a great route for you. You’ll get to see lots of open farmland fields and some wooded areas as well. There are even a few suburban scenes to enjoy along the way. There are not any road issues, and you’ll see some elevation changes as well as some twisty areas coupled with straight roads to help you relax.


Owltown Road

For a brief ride, you can enjoy some country views with nice curves and hills. The mountains are plentiful along this route, and there are not any places to stop. The blacktop is smooth, but you will want to watch for deer and other wildlife along the way.


The Suches Loop

This route takes you to the Blue Ridge Mountain and through the Chattahoochee National Forest. You will also go around the base of the Blood Mountain in Georgia. It is a beautiful ride any time of the year, but it’s even better in the fall when you get to see the wondrous colors as well. There are three mountain passes along the way with plenty of observation points for motorcycle riders to enjoy. This road is a challenge because of the blind turns and elevation changes. You will want to be familiar with your bike and a more advanced rider to take on this route.


Savannah River Scenery

You can stop and see the sights plenty along this relaxing road. You’ll get to ride through portions of the Sumpter National Forest. The beautiful ride is relaxing, and there isn’t much traffic in the middle of the day. You can expect to see some lovely old towns, woods scenery, lakes, and a few different amenities. There are several state parks along the way to add extra possibilities for stops and activities.


Cloudland Canyon Route

This short ride is a must for anyone who enjoys valley views. You get excellent long distance views, and you can learn some history surrounding Lookout Mountain and the Civil War. The nice two lane roads have good surfaces, and there are a few country stores along the way.


These are just a few of the motorcycle routes and roads that Georgia has to offer. Since this state has decent weather for most of the year, it is easy to plan a ride. Think about mountain adventures in the fall when the leaves are turning. Otherwise, enjoy these routes and more whenever you can make it to the area.