Hawaii has a plethora of scenery and natural beauty spread out over a variety of lush islands. It is often hard for motorcyclists to concentrate on riding when the views are so beautiful. Each of the islands offers plenty of routes and enjoyable roads. The most difficult part may be getting your motorcycle to the various islands. If you want an easier method, you could try leasing a motorcycle on each island you wish to visit. Once you are there, there are lots of great options. Here are a few to consider.more



This five-mile road lies on Oahu and starts at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. The amazing zigzags give you a challenging road and you have some must stop lookouts along the way as well. You ride up and down a mountain, but you will want to keep your eyes focused on the sharp curves and turns. The pavement is good but if it rains, there might be some slick spots and mud.


East Maui Loop

This route is a  100-mile loop that allows you to take in a good portion of Maui starting in the small country town of Paia. The scenery is breathtaking and includes both mountain and ocean views, perhaps the best of all motorcycle rides. There are over 600 turns and nearly 100 one-lane bridges so you will want to take care when you look at the views. With ocean views on one side and mountain sights on the other, it is hard not to get taken away. There are even waterfalls, sacred pools and more. Most of the roads are good, but there are a few bumpy roads as well.


The Hana Highway

This motorcycle route also lies on the island of Maui in the famous surfing area called “Jaws.” You take the Hana Highway from the town of Hana and there are plenty of ocean views along the way as you ride up the coast. It often rains in this region so you might need rain gear. The scenic path has a few areas to pull off for lunch. You can expect an all day ride, but it is best to ride during daylight hours to enjoy the views.


Auloa Road

Perhaps one of the shortest motorcycle routes on the island of Oahu has good, sharp turns and plentiful greenery. The windward side of the island offers good roads, but there could be slippery green patches on the road after it rains. There are constantly other motorcycle riders on this stretch so the camaraderie is great as well.


Circumnavigate West Maui

This western route takes you on the very edge of the island. The 48-mile route gives you the ocean on your left along with cliffs and other exciting scenes. You will cut through small towns and see lush vegetation as well. There are sweeping curves, overhangs, and hilly switchbacks on this road. You will want to take things slow to ensure safety.


Hawaii has enough scenery to keep any biker happy for most routes. There are also fun hills, switchbacks, curves, and other entertaining ways to ride. The only question will be where to start and whether you want to stick within islands or move around. It could take some organizing to get your bike to the islands, or to rent one while you are there, but it is worth the effort to ride some of these gorgeous routes.