You may not automatically think of Idaho when you are considering routes to ride, but this state has great scenery. The Gem State has some of the most majestic landscapes with thick forests and cobalt blue lakes. You will also find deep canyons, desert landscapes and surreal lava fields. There is a lot of variety within this state so you will either want to take your time or decide what you want to see most. Here are a few suggestions.


Two Passes

This loop is over 100 miles in length and is a beautiful motorcycle route. You will go around Palisades Lake and you m ay very well see wildlife along that area. The Teton Pass is worth the ride for the view at the top and the area between Swan Valley and Victor is hard to describe in its beauty. The roads are good in quality and there are a few curves and rolling hills to keep things interesting. The road surface is broken in a few places, but most of the roads are smooth. There are also plenty of amenities along the way with lots to do.


Old Idaho Highway 7

This short 30-mile motorcycle ride gives you farmland scenes. You get to see small communities, forests, and plenty more. There are plenty of curves on this road and some extra turns as well. There is light farm traffic on the road, but mostly, there are bridges, lazy rolling curves, and miles of trees.


Northwest Passage All America Road

This 25-mile ride takes you on a paved, good condition road through an agricultural area. You have a few straight always to help you relax, but most of the road is full of wide sweeps and S-curves. The views from the road go on for miles with prairie and forested edges permeating the area. You will see farm machines on the road at times and you will get to take deep breaths of fragrant farmland scents.


River of No Return Driving Tour

Another short route, clocking in at 28 miles, this road follows the river through Salmon River Canyon. Avoid this road in May and June when it is salmon season. There will be vehicles all up and down the road at this time. Other times of the year, this relaxing drive shows off rock cliffs where you might see river otter, eagles, or other wildlife. Traffic is slow on this stretch, but that is good so you can take in the scenery. There are also other areas you might want to stop and see like the Naz Perce National Historical Park, which features plenty of sites.


Gold Rush Historic Byway

For a bit longer, 42-mile ride, this byway is a beautiful route that could show larger wildlife like cougar, bear, wolf and more. You will go through heavy woodlands and farmlands into valleys and mountains. The winding road makes the short distance stretch into an extended trip. There’s a little traffic at times so make sure you have a full tank. Check weather conditions before you hit this route because there is often snow and ice in the region, but it is well worth the effort to prepare ahead.


These are just a few of the beautiful motorcycle routes that Idaho has to offer. Whether you want mountain views, farmland scenes, rivers, wildlife, canyons or any number of other rides, Idaho has what you are looking for. It is best to plan a long trip to the state so you can enjoy a variety of rides. But even if you just get in one or two routes, you will be glad you did.