Illinois offers varied scenic views for motorcycle riders along with some notable cultural attractions and interesting history. With Amish Villages, a national forest and state park there are a lot of things to take in during a ride in this region. You can also stop by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and some presidential homes and museums. With lots of options, Illinois is a great place for a relaxing ride. Here are a few of the best routes to consider in the state of Illinois.


SW Chicago Scenic Route

This short ride takes you along Bell Road South through a lovely prairie. You drive through hilly woods and by some large ponds and small lakes. There are creeks, wooded areas, hills and straight-aways. The road conditions are good and while you start out rural, the city rises by the end of the road. This short ride won’t take long, but it is worth the effort.


Chicago Botanic Garden

This route is mostly suburban, but also includes a lot of trees and green parks. You’ll get to see a little bit of lake and plenty of large, impressive houses. The road is curvy and a lot of fun as well, but watch out for potholes. It’s a great, short ride if you are in the Chicago area and want to get away from city riding.


Scenic Lake Route

This thirty-mile ride goes around two lakes, starting with Lake Bloomington. You can enjoy a beautiful array of trees that sometimes create a tunnel-like atmosphere above you. Save this ride for early fall to fully enjoy the colors. Watch out for wildlife as you go and enjoy both lake and forest views. There are also quite a few impressive houses to take in. The curvy road has a few flat runs for faster riding as well.


Morris Back roads

Grab the western motorcyle route from the suburbs of Joliet and enjoy hills, old cemeteries, woods, canals, and sweeping curves. The road conditions are good and you get beautiful river views. Since it’s a country road, watch for gravel kicking back at you. There are plenty of places to stop along this road with good food and gas amenities available.


Burlington Farmland

This short, 6-mile route is known for its twisties. The road is free from defect, but you will want to follow the speed limits because there are quite a few twists. This road is short and quick, but it’s something you may want to ride over and over again. The ride takes you through farmland with patchy trees. You shouldn’t see too much traffic, but there is a neat cemetery along the way. There are no amenities, but on a short, enjoyable ride, you won’t need them.


Northern Illinois Route 20

This two-lane road through the country has little congestion and allows you to enjoy a ride without stopping and going all the time. You get to drive through the town of Bigfoot as well as the scenic Galena. You’ll go through towns with Wild West and Railway museums if you need entertainment and the sweeping curves will keep you entertained while you are on the road itself.


If you find yourself in Illinois, there are plenty of beautiful sites and historic stops to enjoy. These rides and motorcycle routes give you an idea of a few places to enjoy your motorcycle. You may want to travel around the state and do them all and more in order to fully enjoy what Illinois has to offer.