Minnesota has so many lakes it is hard to view them all in one trip. There are also river rapids, prairie lands, and some great roads. If you love the outdoors, Minnesota is a paradise of riding. It is best to plan a trip in the fall, spring or summer as the winter months can get rather cold and treacherous for motorcycle riders. Here are some of the best local routes in the state of Minnesota.

-North River Run

For a pleasant, 20-mile run, ride along the East River through Anoka. The beauty of Anoka and the rural scenery are spellbinding and the twists and turns give you great views along the bends of the river. The roads are moderately well maintained and Anoka is a great place to stop for a bite.


-Alphabet Roads Loop

This nearly 90-mile look includes the Twin Cities, Prescott and the Alphabet Roads Loop. You will see a lot of farmland complete with neat old houses along the way. You will also get a few glimpses of the Mississippi River, but the roads are what you will really enjoy. The long, sweeping curved and fun twisties are pure joy for a rider looking for unique routes.


-Lake Minnetonka Shoreline

Take this route from Wayzata and cover most of the many bays that surround Lake Minnetonka and the other bodies of water in that area. You will get a plethora of beautiful lake views along with nice houses, wooded areas, and lots of marinas. The pavement is in good condition with few hills, though you will get to ride through some nice curves around the lake. There are plenty of gas stations and restaurants in the area as well.


-Toward Sturgis

If you are heading to Sturgis, or just wish you were, take 90 west from La Crosse and head across the state. There are a few mountains along the way on the western edge of the Mississippi and you better bring a camera because the views are not something you will want to forget. Watch out for deer along the way and time yourself well because there is generally construction along this road in the summer. The small towns are fun to drive through, but keep in mind there can be big gaps between gas stations.


-North Shore Tour

Start in Duluth and take Highway 61 to the north until you get to the Canadian border. You will be rewarded with Ocean-like views of the biggest lake in the area. There are also heavily forested areas and saw-tooth mountains along the shoreline. This route is nothing less than incredible. You’ll pass a number of rivers, sate parks, waterfalls, Superior National Forest and more. Take your time on this 145-mile trek and enjoy some of the small eateries or big restaurants along the way. There are six state parks to explore as well so you could take several days or more to travel this entire route.


Minnesota has plenty of lakes to go around and the same can be said for its motorcycle routes. Whether you are looking for shorelines, fun roads, or a little of both, you can find what you want in this beautiful state. Organize your travels around the snowy winter months for the most enjoyment and drive through as many of the routes as possible.