Iowa is situated between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, but between those two rivers, riders will find some rolling hills and winding roads. There are plenty of rural farming communities, but there is also a lot of history, art, landmarks, and family entertainment. Iowa has a lot to offer for a rider who wants to kick back, slow down, and enjoy some fresh farm air. Here are a few of the best motorcycle routes within the state of Iowa.


Des Moines To Council Bluffs

This 130-mile trip takes you along Highway 92 from the middle of the state over to the edge. You get a mix of views with beautiful landscapes along the way. There are plenty of small towns along the route and you will get the atmosphere of small town living as you drive through, but even more so if you stop. You’ll see lots of crops along the road, but there are also hills, creeks, fields, and even forests. This is an isolated run without a lot of amenities, but some of the small towns give motorcycle riders everything they need for a break.


Indianola to Lake Red Rock

You can do this route in less than an hour and enjoy a rather amazing ride. Each mile brings more beauty with small towns in abundance. At the end of the route, you will enjoy water crashing on the rocks in waves at Lake Red Rock. With hills, curves, and country scenes, this route is never boring. And there are plenty of home cooking small town restaurants along the way as well.


Nuke Plant Corners

This route is just north of Cedar Rapids and takes you through some great turns that are fun at high speeds. You get a lot of tree and corn views and a little bit of river as well. The ride is mostly about the corners and fun it provides. Most of the roads are good, though they are often under construction. Make sure you fuel up before you take this route since there aren’t many options for stopping.


Hub of the Hills

This 60-mile loop takes you through Loess Hills State Forest and Missouri Valley. The Loess Hills have over 220 miles of scenic byways and loops and this route will give you a hint as to what you could explore during your time in the state. You can pull of the road and take in views that go on for miles. There are also areas where you can experience those views for 360 degrees all around you. The rolling hills give off a majestic significance and they are hard to ride away from if you enjoy them in all their splendor. There are a few accommodations along the ways in certain cities, but make sure to avoid Labor Day and Memorial Day if you want to have the roads to yourself. Those weekends are busy for this route.


Old Lincoln Highway

This short ride takes you through some of the most peaceful and beautiful farmland regions in the state. The route is paved and well maintained, even though the original highway was made out of brick. There are lots of straight aways for faster riding and this is a popular riding route for local bikers. You start in Council Bluffs where there are plenty of restaurants and amenities.


Iowa is known for its farms and cornfields, but it has a lot to offer for riders as well. With lots of peaceful quarters, there are fun roads and quiet rides in this state. Not to mention beautiful roads and great amenities!