You might be surprised to learn that Kansas actually has a huge geological history. Most of the land in this state is very flat, though there are some small rolling hills and lovely prairie grass views. The climate changes from one side of the state to the other and there are notable scenic views within the Flint Hills as well. Kansas has plenty of great routes to offer any rider. Here are a few of the best rides in the state.


Best of Kansas City Route

When you are in Kansas City and itching for a ride, this route is a great option. It is a short, 45-minute ride and doesn’t require you to drive 30 miles out of your way to start. The road quality is good and the roads are kept up well. There are a few nice curves and you will get an escape from the city without having to go very far. You will pass plenty of amenities and you are only a few minutes away from everything the city has to offer.


Kansas Backroads

Starting in Topeka, you’ll travel south of the city and enjoy some of the typical Kansas rolling hills, grasslands, farmhouses, and fields. When you get near Hartford, make sure to check out the Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuse. This beautiful setting is perfect for watching wildlife and one of the best natural areas in the state. The pavement along this path is generally good, but there are a few spots with chips in the road. There are also small towns along the way that make for good unique stops.


Tuttle Creek Ride

This short ride gives you varied scenery, depending on the time of year you enjoy the ride. The Kansas plains take over alongside a lovely lake. The route has tight curves and some elevation changes. The smooth road has some sand on it, so watch out for slippery patches. Amenities are far and few between, but the ride is short so it doesn’t matter too much.


Kansas Route 66

Starting in Galena, you can jump on the Kansas portion of the historic Route 66. You can get your own kicks on parts of the original Mother Road and stop at some of the old stores to take pictures. The rolling farmlands are typical for the state, but you will find lots of towns loaded with history along the way. Parts of the road have been repaved and it includes rolling hills and curves. Most of the roadside amenities are biker friendly and fun for stops.


Wyandotte County Lake Park

This is one of the most beautiful motorcycle routes that takes you around a lake on tree-covered roads. You get tight turns along the short route and plenty of shade. The lake has a park nearby with picnic shelters and a kids fishing lake along with boat rentals and other fun things to do.


Mac Box

This route will take a little over an hour and allows you to see the open fields of Kansas. You will also go by the Maxwell refuge where you might see some buffalo rolling in the dirt. You’ll get some nice curves in here and there are a few gas stations along the way for stops.


Kansas has plenty of wildlife, rolling hills, and fun curves for any rider to enjoy. These routes will get you started on planning a trip to this state. There are lots of other routes to enjoy in various parts of the state as well.