Kentucky is often called the bluegrass state and it is a great place for motorcycle riders to enjoy scenic views. This area of the country has a lot of thoroughbred horse farms as well as caverns and caves. The Appalachian Mountains run through the state and there are also river regions and other lovely areas. This state is home to the world famous Kentucky Derby and has some historic sites relating to the Underground Railroad, the Trail of Tears, and Daniel Boone as well as Abraham Lincoln. There are plenty of things to see and do, but here are some of the best motorcycle routes in Kentucky.


KY 89

This is one of the best roads in the state in terms of a fun ride. The road runs along the Rockcastle River and Indian Creek and the route has a nice tree canopy with a few homes to see along the way. The road doesn’t have potholes and has loaded curves and fun twists. There might be some leaves and even tree limbs down along the way, but the short ride is fun on weekdays when the traffic is limited.


Cave Run Lake Loop

You will start off in a valley and enjoy some sweeping turns. This is a great route for the spring months when the trees are budding. You also get to view the lake before you go back into town. This route is a great way to highlight eastern Kentucky scenery including both hills and valleys. Most of the route lies within the Daniel Boone National Forest and the roads are in good condition. You have all of the amenities you need in Morehead.


Russell Cave Road

This route will only take half an hour, but it is a great way to see the proper horse country that lies within Lexington. This road gives you views to some of the highest end and most expansive horse stables the state has to offer. The route is scenic and good for a lazy day ride when you want to look around and see things. There are a few rolling hills, but the path is mostly straight. You won’t have amenities until you hit Lexington so ride prepared.


Route 227

This long ride gives you good scenery and nice views with a few overlooks and vistas. You’ll get some twisty curves and sweeping turns and some elevation changes too. There are not many amenities, so ride this road for the fun of it and not the stops.


Rabbit Hash Ride

A 45-mile ride that will take you down by the river from Union and to Rabbit Hash. It is a great ride for relaxation and will give you amenities on either end. You can get away from it all and enjoy the scenery along the way including plenty of farmland. Most of it is surrounded by trees too so it feels intimate and shaded.


West 92

For lovely views, this route is a great option. The road cuts back and forth through the forested foothills of the mountains and gives you ridges with scenic views as well. The twists, turns, and hills are fun, but the pavement is not new so watch for potholes.


Black Mountain Loop

This route is over 300 miles long and is a great ride to take your time on. The scenery is back road and includes lots of small towns and scenic pulls offs. It will be lush and green during the summer months. The route takes you over the tallest point in the Black Mountain and back down with curvy roads, switchbacks and lots of variety. Make sure to take a camera along and enjoy the views you capture with friends later.


Kentucky has a lot to offer any motorcycle riders. Choose between relaxing farmland rides and curvy mountain drives. There are a lot of short, fun, scenic options in this state along with a few longer rides to help you see more of the region.