If you enjoy prairie views, you’ll get plenty of them in the state of Nebraska. The elevation rises in the east and you get to see the Sand Hills in the north-central part of the state. For a lot of flat, open rides, Nebraska is the perfect location. Here are some of the best options in the state.


-Sandhills Loop

This 124-mile route gives you sand hills for as far as you can see in every direction. You’ll also get huge roller coaster-like hills, windmills, lakes and plenty of cows along the way. Some of the road is new, but there is wear and tear in other areas. There aren’t many stops along the way, but the roller coaster hills alone are worth the drive.


-Schramm State Park Run

For a short route, this one is less than 20 miles. You can leave the city life behind you and take some twisty roads down the Platte River. You might see some boaters in the summer and in the fall, the beautiful leaves turning colors. The Paved roads get narrow by the river, but there are great places to pull off to take pictures. Make sure you stop at Schramm State Park to enjoy a picnic while you’re there.


-Desoto Trail

You can do this ride in less than half an hour and enjoy the Desoto National Wildlife Refuge. Since there are wildlife to see, water to enjoy and lots of natural sights, you can take the drive a lot slower in order to enjoy the peace and serenity. The roads are decent and there are no stops and stops along the way. Watch for people fishing and boats on the water for even better views.


-Kennedy Freeway

If you’re staying in Omaha, take Highway 75 South to Plattsmouth. The road is rather busy at first, but traffic will thin out toward the end. There are nice hills and a few stoplights as well as restaurants and gas stations along the way. You’ll end up near the Platte River in a historic little town with a Main Street that is fun to explore for an afternoon.


-Highway 12

Take this route from South Sioux City and you get a nearly 70-mile ride through small towns and state parks. You’ll enjoy Lewis and Clark State Park and sweeping turns along the way. Most of the scenery is rural and the road qualities should be good along the way.


-Northwest Nebraska US 20

This over 250-mile route has a lot of scenery to offer including sand hills, pronghorn sheep, coyotes, mule deer, mini-mountains and more. These views are much more than you might expect from Nebraska. The roads are good and you’ll enjoy the sweeping turns and nice hills. There are not many stops along the way. The towns you drive through have gas and occasional food, but other amenities are hard to find.


-K-7 to Rulo

With over 80 miles of straight and curvy roads, this path follows the Missouri River. You’ll have some tree-lined paths and plenty of river views to enjoy. There are also great restaurants and rest areas as well as casinos to enjoy when you stop.


You might not think Nebraska has the type of scenery you would enjoy on a motorcycle ride, but there are a lot of surprised within the Cornhusker state. Some of the views are astounding and the roads are hilly, curvy, straight, and everything in between.