Texas has over 260,000 square miles of space with a range of altitudes and breathtaking views. If you enjoy wildflowers, refreshing lakes, flowing rivers, prairies, or anything in between, you can find it in the Lone Star State. Some of the routes look like they come out of an old western movie, complete with blowing tumbleweed. Riders can find countless miles of great riding roads that prove to be memorable in a variety of ways. Here are some of the routes to consider.


The Three Sisters

If you think you know what Texas is all about, take this route and you will likely form a new opinion. The 130-mile ride gives you scenery that is about as good as it gets. You’ll see clear rivers through twisted mountain curves as you view real Texas ranches. The people are friendly and the roller coaster ride will blow you away. There isn’t much traffic and the surface is usually in good condition, but there can be gravel that pops up from time to time and watch for wildlife and slow moving vehicles. If your hands tend to get numb on long rides you will want to ensure you’re wearing a pair of Anti-Vibe Adjustable Motorcycle Gloves for maximum comfort.


Hippie Hollow Horror

This 40-mile route start in Four Points, just outside of Austin and right next to Lake Travis. You get to skirt the edge of Lake Travis and pass the County Line BBQ on the Colorado River. You’ll slow down for some curves so be sure to obey speed limits. They are there for your safety because of the extent of the curves ahead. There are plenty of stops in Austin and in a few other locations. If you want a longer drive, continue on FM1431 and head up to Marble Falls.


The North Texas Sweeper

Riders who enjoy sweepers can’t get anything better than this nearly 90-mile route in North Texas. It starts 30 miles to the north east of Dallas and is very beautiful when the trees have leaves. You get a mostly flat ride with plenty of hills and it’s a great road to sweep through turns. This road doesn’t have much traffic and all you really need along the way is gas, which you can find in every town along the way.


Point Blank Raceway

This ride starts in Cold Spring and goes to Trinity. You get to see the west side of Lake Livingston from start to finish along with some nice homes, pine trees, ranches and wildlife. There are several places to stop for a bite along the way and the route is fun and scenic.


Paloduro Canyon Loop

When looking for a longer ride, this 120-mile loop takes you in and out of the Paloduro Canyon in the panhandle of the state. IF you want to see the canyon formations in addition to desert scenery, this trek is hard to beat. Most of the route is straight with some sweeping turns, but there are some harder twisties to enjoy in the canyon areas. You’ll get a little of everything in terms of the ride and the view.


Davy Crockett National Forest

Take FM 227 east from Grapeland and you cut through farmland that transitions into the forested hills within the Davy Crockett National Forest. Sections are mostly straight, but there are rolling hills that are a lot of fun on the motorcycle as well. The twisty part lies close to Grapeland, where you will find the gas and food options as well.


Dinosaur Village Route

This 90-mile route in North Central Texas is accessible from Fort Worth. The scenery is astounding for this part of Texas. You’ll see clear rivers with flat rock bottoms and even little water falls. The hills nearby are rugged and give you elevation changes. The ranches along the way are impressive to locals and those from other areas.


Texas is large and filled with enough motorcycle routes to keep any rider busy for the foreseeable future. Whether you want to see natural beauty, real working ranches, or fun roads, you can find all that and more in the Lone Star State.