There may be snow outside, but the idea of spring is looming large.

We’re starting to think about spring riding, and that means getting last year’s gear out.

Time to examine it, ready it for wear.

Today, with thoughts of warmer days ahead, contributor Marilyn Elmore Bragg explains why there may be a new pair of deerskin gloves in her future.more

Is Your Spring Gear Road Worthy?

When the calendar says spring is days away (March 20, 2014), it’s cabin fever time.

Are you dreaming of the day you’ll pull your hibernating motorcycle out from under the dust cover, disconnect the battery tender, lovingly pull your heart’s desire into the bright sunshine?

Anticipating that first spring ride, when you’ll turn the key, and listen to the thumping heartbeat of the motorcycle you cherish and love?  It’s intoxicating — life memories reawaking.  

Time to go to your closets, drawers, and shelves, and pull down the riding gear. Today, I pulled mine out, including my lovely deerskin gloves. I had forgotten how abused they actually are.

Is Your Spring Gear Road Worthy for the New Season?  

Many times, I’ve put away gear with the intention of using it for the next season. This time, I pulled down my gloves, only to discover they weren’t in the best of shape. The stains of weather and oil give them that loved, lived in look. But there were problems with these beauties.

  • The suppleness is gone. I forgot to condition them before putting them up.
  • A burn spot on three fingertips on the left hand — I put my hand down on my engine for warmth on a cold day, and may have overstayed my welcome without realizing it!
  • The entire glove is fused into the shape of my hand, fingers curled as if around the grips, fingertips hard and brittle.

Instead of the soft and supple gloves of days gone by, my beloved deerskins weren’t suitable for another season, but not because they didn’t try.

Time to replace my soft, spring gloves.

Why Deerskin Gloves?

If ever you’ve owned a pair, you already know what I’m going to say: there is nothing that feels like soft, beautiful deerskin on your hands.

For the biker who rides hard and often, they are ready for hard duty.

  • They are durable and hardy, yet thin enough to be able to pick up a screw or washer with them on.
  • As they wear, they stretch a bit, as if they know the seasons are changing and need to make room for summer’s extra air circulation or fall’s glove liner.
  • They will last all season, no matter what you do to them, and if taken care of, they will last several seasons more.
  • They offer protection from the elements, from road hazards such as small stones and sand.

I had a pair of deerskin gloves that went the distance of almost 100K miles. Most I’ve owned, I lost long before I wore them out. Just a good all around reliable glove for the active rider.

Guess I’ll be getting another pair.             — Marilyn Elmore Bragg, contributor


Deerskin Gloves: An All Season Option?

Depending where you live, deerskins may start life as your spring gloves, but can carry over into 3 seasons. 

With a looser fit, there can be plenty of air circulation in the heat of summer; the wind resistant leather is perfect for fall’s cool weather; as days grow colder, with a thin insulting glove underneath, you may still be wearing them before being pulling out a heavier, weatherproof winter glove.

Size Guidelines: How to Fit Leather Gloves

All leather gloves should start out with a snug fit, and deerskin even more so. The soft supple leather will stretch a good bit, so allow for that. Over time, well fitting gloves will take on the shape of your hand, with enough room to fit a pair of liners underneath.

About Olympia Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves

If your spring riding gloves need replacing, consider these Olympia deerskin styles for comfort and durability. Whichever style you choose, they are sure to become favorites.

For a short glove, with extremely soft leather, check out our Deerskin Roper I (Style 140). For an extra bit of warmth, check out our Deerskin Classic, a classic gauntlet glove that comes both lined and unlined (Style 144 and Style 146). BTW, we use premium North American White Tail Deer, which is the world’s softest deerskin for gloves.

Ride safe!