More and more men are grabbing leather jackets and jumping on motorcycles. Some use them to get to and from work while others simply ride them for fun. You likely have someone in your family that rides a motorcycle whether it’s your brother, your uncle, a friend, your grandfather, or even your father. This Father’s Day, create a gift for that bike riding guy in your life to show your love and appreciation while bringing the motorcycle into the picture as well. Ties and cards are great, but relate something to the motorcycle and the dad on your gift list will really feel honored.more



One of the best things you can get for any motorcycle rider is gear to help him have a great ride. There are plenty of options out there. Here are a few ideas:



Special motorcycle luggage is a great idea to help the dad in your life go where he wants to go while holding important items in a secure, dry fashion.



All motorcycle riders need gloves and if dad doesn’t have a good pair, he needs them. Even if he has great gloves, spares, or a pair of summer motorcycle gloves are a wonderful idea. There are a number of varieties and styles that can help him enjoy rides all that much more.


Protective Eyewear

Since Father’s day brings summer weather with it, dad will need sunglasses that protect and surround his eyes when he rides. Sunglasses or riding goggles don’t always last long so he can always use another pair.


Communication System

If dad likes to take mom out on the motorcycle, but then can’t talk to her, get a Bluetooth headset to connect the helmets. They will be able to discuss what to have for dinner as they enjoy their ride.


Helpful or Useful Items

When you have a biker on your list, the number of things you can get him that can help him enjoy a ride or the motorcycling hobby in general are endless. Here are some suggestions:


Emergency Kit

Every rider should have an emergency kit. They don’t take up much space and can even include handy items like tire repair packs.


GPS system

Even if dad thinks he knows where he is going, it is good to have GPS to help him when he really doesn’t know. The units can easily be mounted to handlebars or consoles.


Cup Holder

If dad likes to take long rides, he may need to sip some water while he goes, especially in the summer. A cup holder can help him stay on the bike for longer, just as he wants it.


Motorcycle Magazine Subscription

If the dad likes to read about bikes just as much as he enjoys riding them, this subscription will keep him in the know all year long.


Fun Motorcycle Items

There are plenty of motorcycle-related gifts on the market that any dad who enjoys riding will love. Here are just a few ideas:



Does dad have a favorite motorcycle brand? Grab a t-shirt, hat or other wearable item with its logo.


Wallet chain

Dad doesn’t want his wallet flying out when he rides, right? A wallet chain helps prevent that and it looks good on a biker too!


Motorcycle Figure

If you can find a motorcycle figure that looks just like your dad’s bike, you can count on him displaying it prominently.


There are so many gift ideas for the motorcycle riding man in your life it may be hard to choose just one for Father’s Day. The good news is there are plenty of other holidays and dad will still love to ride then!