Let’s start with a true story:

One June, my brother and I wanted to get our dad fresh bagels, for a special Father’s Day breakfast.

Without asking, we took the keys to his new red Firebird, and drove to the bagel store.  Unfortunately, we totaled it on the way home.

We hope our gift guide helps you celebrate the dads in your life in an equally memorable (but less dramatic) way!

Choosing the Perfect Gift for Dad

It may only take a little bit of thought to get that perfect gift.

Think back to the times you’ve spent with your father, or listened to his important words and stories …

  • Does he have a great sense of humor and appreciate a good joke?
  • Does he love food?
  • Maybe he is an avid motorcycle rider who also likes to sit down and enjoy a good book every once in a while …

There is a great gift for every special father in your life.

We hope this list sparks some ideas … especially if his favorite thing is riding his motorcycle:

For The Handy DIY Dad

Some dads like working on their vehicles and motorcycles, and maybe even throwing the occasional wrench across the garage. Consider these gift ideas:

  • Tools: Dad can always use extra tools due to breaking them, misplacing them, or just being a collector. He will think of you when he needs that nice ratchet set that you bought him for sure.
  • Floor mat, motorcycle cover, or other garage essentials.

For The Fun Loving Dad

Your dad brings so much joy and smiles into your life. Why not repay him with a good laugh:

  • Novelty Gifts- There are plenty of motorcycle themed gifts out there with a humor twist to them. Try a funny shirt, or coffee mug. Maybe a humorous sign to hang in his garage.

For The Tech Dad

Let’s face it, there is a lot of amazing technology out there, and your dad is sure to have an interest in it. Try these neat little gadgets.

  • Go Pro Camera– To mount on his bike and record his travels.
  • GPS– To navigate new paths during long explorations.
  • Neon Lights– These are not only really cool looking at night, but increase safety as they make the rider more visible.
  • Touch Screen or Blue Tooth enabled gloves, helmet, or anything else that keeps him connected while on the go.

For The Intellectual Dad

Here are some smart gift ideas for a smart man:

  • Motorcycle Books– Repair manuals or that classic philosophical novel: … “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance”.
  • Motorcycle Movie:  The documentary “Why We Ride” … or classic films like “Easy Rider”, “The Wild One” or “The World’s Fastest Indian”.

For The Sentimental Dad

These gifts are great for creating special memories:

  • Movie Night– Get the popcorn, candy, beer and junk food and have a movie night with your pops watching his favorite motorcycle movie.
  • Motorcycle Museum– Is there a motorcycle museum near you? If so then this would be an amazing experience for the both of you.
  • Wash his Bike – What Dad wouldn’t appreciate that thoughtful gesture?

For The Commuter Dad

This dad may put a lot of mileage on his motorcycle as his primary means of transportation. He probably spends a good amount of money on his toys, and could probably use some very well deserved practical gifts:

  • Portable coffee travel mug, cup holder to get him going for that early morning commute!
  • Sunglasses – Always appreciated, especially during the summer.
  • A gift card for your man’s favorite local dealership, so he can treat himself to some new toys, like new boots, helmet, gloves, etc.

For the Adventure Dad

Long road trips require special gear:

  • Saddlebags: “Made in USA” Wolfman motorcycle luggage caught our eye recently.
  • Small portable gas container or padded seat: great for the long distance rider.
  • Portable Tool Set, for the unexpected flat tire or road mishap.
  • bungee cord cargo net, helmet lock.

For The “Brand Loyal” Dad

Some dad’s are a little … how shall we say it … Hard Core. If that’s your guy, consider:

  • A picture of his pride and joy, nicely framed.
  • “Fiercely loyal” branded  merchandise:  He will most certainly smile when he reaches for apparel accessories with his favorite motorcycle brand. 

For All Motorcycle Rider Dads …

Most dads who ride wear motorcycle gloves!

We make over 70 styles of glove, for every rider. Touch Screen gloves, gel palm gloves to protect from vibration, soft deerskin gloves, fingerless gloves, air vented gloves, waterproof gloves … and many others.

Final Thought: The True Meaning of Father’s Day

Each Father’s Day, we let the dads in our life know just how much they mean to us.

If you get stuck thinking up ways to make dad feel special, don’t stress over it too much.

Just write him a card letting him know how much of an important and loving role he plays in your life.  That will mean more than anything you can buy.