Glove sourcing isn’t one size fits all.

In fact, it’s more like visiting a buffet. Some companies completely outsource all aspects of glove manufacturing, others simply need a specific service to supplement current capabilities.

You may need help with design … or sourcing and manufacturing … or have things pretty well in hand (no pun intended) and just need occasional consulting.

How do you decide? Here’s a Q & A with a twist … use it to learn which kind of glove manufacturing services can help take your business to the next level.

Question # 1: I’m just starting a glove line. How do I ensure that my product is as good as it can be?

It really depends on your organization.

  • Are gloves are a new category for you? It’s a classic “make or buy” decision. Without internal experience to leverage, it will be more efficient to outsource than to build a new organization from the ground up.
  • Are gloves are a non-core category? Even if your organization has great internal resources in other categories, it can still lack time or resources to devote to gloves. You still may be best served by outsourcing the entire process to a glove supplier who offers turnkey manufacturing services.

A capable end-to-end glove supplier should be able to start up a new line to meet your customer requirements, or add focus to a neglected category and help to turn a “problem child” into a profit center.

Question #2: We have strong internal merchandising and design. How do I get finished product as efficiently as possible?

Do you have your finger on the pulse of your consumer, and great design capabilities to match? If so, maybe you only need sourcing and manufacturing help.

  • The best business solution in this case is to leverage your internal customer knowledge and design strength, and outsource sourcing and manufacturing ONLY– no design or consulting needed.
  • Partner with a glove manufacturer to execute finished product. Simply hand off a tech pack for a glove supplier to execute … or if you lack the technical design to get to that point, give them design direction and let them take it from there.

Question #3: We do everything in house … but we’re not achieving the product results we want, and my internal team is stumped.

That’s OK … it happens! Even with great internal resources and existing supply chain relationships, occasionally, something still isn’t right. Outside technical expertise is occasionally needed.

Sometimes, all it takes is technical support to consult and troubleshoot, suggest materials and construction ideas, and fill in the gaps in experience.

  • If your team is having trouble optimizing product performance, get glove consulting help. It can lead to a great – and cost effective — outcome.

Question #4: How do I make sure that my current glove supplier is getting me the best product at the lowest cost?

Do delivery or quality problems threaten brand growth? Maybe it’s time to put out a RFQ and evaluate alternate glove companies. It may be the best investment of time you ever spent.

  • To get help with this issue, download our Free Sourcing Checklist:  10 Questions to Ask Your Glove Supplier.

Good luck with your glove business challenges!