Each week, we open the kimono and share what’s happening “behind the scenes” here at Olympia Gloves.

Today, we need your help.  Would you share your expertise with us?

We’d like to hear from apparel and accessories buyers, and product executives.  If you are responsible for sourcing or buying decisions for a retail organization or a manufacturing company — we’d like to hear about your priorities and buying processes.

Our goal is to learn how suppliers succeed (or miss the mark), from your vantage point.


Have you looked for a new apparel or accessories manufacturer recently? If so …

  • What caused you to look for a supplier — Did something happen that made finding a new supplier a priority initiative?
  • How did you research your options, and how did you decide which companies to include or exclude?
  • What was the most important factor that caused you to choose one supplier over another, as you evaluated alternatives? How did you decide which solution was best?
  • How can your suppliers better assist you in meeting your goals?

Please take our apparel buyer’s survey. It will only take 5 minutes, and we’d be incredibly grateful for your insights. 

Share your 2015 priorities, and we’ll share the results in a future update. Thank you for any insights you are willing to share!

Thank you For Helping a Glove Supplier Out, and Taking Our Apparel Buyers Survey!