You know dad loves his motorcycle, but you can’t exactly get him that new bike he’s been eyeing for the holidays. That doesn’t mean you can’t get him something bike-related, though, right? Here are a few great ideas for holiday gifts for that biker dad on your list.


Motorcycle t-shirts

If he has a favorite brand, get him some t-shirts to match. They might be about all he ever wears, both on and off the bike.


Bike art

If dad is a real enthusiast, he will even love art that features motorcycles. That means posters he can hang in the garage or paintings he can put in the basement…or perhaps even the living room.



Is the biker dad always searching for new routes? Find him a book or do some research and simply print things out and make a book of your own. He will appreciate the time you spent on the project and he will love trying out the new routes you’ve found for him.


Motorcycle gloves

Finding the right motorcycle gloves takes time and effort and the right pair can really help dad enjoy his frequent rides. Look into the type of glove he likes and then buy an extra pair. Or, get him an upgrade that will help curb the vibration in his bike so his hands don’t go numb.


New Jacket

 A good leather jacket is an integral part of motorcycle gear and most motorcycle enthusiasts could use a new jacket every season. Grab a new jacket for dad or get him a gift card to his favorite store so he can pick out his own.


Deck of cards

For someone on a budget, a deck of cards featuring different motorcycles is a perfect gift. It is easy to mail and dad can carry it along with him when he rides in case a card game breaks out. The cards are fun to look at and show dad you understand how much he enjoys his hobby.


Protection Bell

You want dad to be safe every time he rides. The best way you can show your concern for his safety is to get him just the right protection bell. He can hang it right on his bike to remind himself you are thinking of him every time he rides.


Riding Glasses

Riding glasses can keep the wind out of dad’s eyes and allow him to see better in many different riding situations. Even if he already has a pair, spare glasses are never a bad thing.


A New Helmet

Helmet styles come and go and if dad has had his helmet for a while, it might be time for him to try something new. Grab a new, upgraded helmet for him and see how he likes the new style.


Cleaning items

If dad likes to keep his bike in top condition, he will want to clean it on a regular basis. Put together a cleaning kit that includes soft rags, the right soap, and brushes that can get into every nook and cranny of the bike.


Motorcycle maps

Most dads don’t like to ask for directions, but that doesn’t mean they can’t style their motorcycle route and maps before they head out on a new adventure. These maps can even keep the dad entertained on days he can’t ride.


Dads who ride bikes enjoy bike-related gifts on many different levels. Some of these gifts are inexpensive things almost anyone can buy while others might cause you to go in on a gift with a few others in the family. Either way, you should be able to find something that at least sparks an idea for that motorcycle riding loving dad on your list.