How To Keep Leather Motorcycle Gloves Clean - Olympia Gloves

When you find leather motorcycle gloves that you absolutely love, you want them to last as long as possible. You know that dirt and dust build up can deteriorate the leather on the gloves faster, but when you use them for rides, there’s no avoiding the road. So how do you keep the gloves clean and functional for as long as possible? Here are a few tips.more


Shampoo Them

If you ride frequently, you will want to wash your gloves on a regular basis. With daily rides, this means every other week or so. If you ride less, you can wait a month or more. The shampoo will rid the gloves of dirt and grime and help them last longer.


Condition Them

In order to maintain the overall functionality and appearance of your gloves, you may also want to apply conditioner to them on a regular basis. Conditioner helps to replace the oils that shampoos remove. It keeps the gloves from cracking and helps you to keep them clean as well.


Wipe Them

When you go for a ride and you notice dust on your gloves, take a clean, dry cloth and simply wipe them down when you are done. This will help prevent excess dirt build up and it will help your gloves work better for you between extensive cleanings.


Store Them Well

If you leave your gloves in the garage and work on your motorcycle nearby, they are going to get much more dirty. It is a good idea to keep them in a clean, dry location so the integrity of the leather holds up better for every ride.


Dry Them

If your gloves get wet, either from a rainy ride or from a cleaning, you will need to allow them to dry before you use them again. Set them somewhere ventilated that is out of the direct sunlight. Sun can cause them to dry too quickly and crack. If you use the gloves too soon after they have been wet, they can accumulate even more dirt.


Protect Them

Leather motorcycle gloves are meant to protect your hands. If you want them to do their job well, you need to protect them as well. If you are riding and stop somewhere and have to do a dirty job like change oil or get gas, take the gloves off and protect them from such elements. They will stay cleaner and you will have less maintenance to do on the leather to keep it at the right level for every ride.


Keeping motorcycle gloves clean is virtually impossible. But these tips can help you maintain them in the proper manner so they are safe and effective for as many rides as possible. Not only will they work better and last longer, but they’ll look great as well.