Very few things are better than a great motorcycle road trip, but that adventure requires meticulous planning to ensure the best possible outcomes. You need to be sure that your motorcycle is ready, that you are prepared for road and weather conditions, and plan for lodging and activities. With the proper amount of planning and preparation, you will give yourself the best possible chance of a carefree and thoroughly enjoyable motorcycle road trip.


Maintain Your Motorcycle

Before you put a single mile on your motorcycle, you need to ensure all necessary maintenance is done. Be sure it is in the best possible mechanical shape. Your tires need ample tread for the hundreds or even thousands of miles you will put on it during your motorcycle road trip. If you have a drive chain, you need to check and adjust it as necessary so you will be certain the chain and sprockets won’t give out. A fresh change of the oil and filter and topping off the coolant in liquid-cooled bikes will keep the engine running at optimal temperatures. You also need to check your brake pads, bleed your brake lines, lube and adjust your control cables and be certain your battery has plenty of life left in it before you head out on the highway looking for adventure on your motorcycle road trip. 

Get Your Motorcycle Gear in Order

When you head out on your great motorcycle road trip, you might get lucky and have perfect weather and temperatures the entire way. But, the farther you ride and the longer you are gone, the more likely you are to run into changing weather. That means you have to prepare for any kind of weather event that reasonably might occur with rain being your top foe. You will need a good pair of riding boots and rain gear to keep you dry and warm. A good pair of gauntlet gloves will keep the rain and wind from shooting up the insides of your sleeves, and full-face helmet can keep the rain off your face. Layered clothing that you can add or remove to adjust for temperature swings also helps to keep you comfortable while on your motorcycle road trip.

Routes, Food, and Lodging

Whether your motorcycle road trip will last a couple days or a couple weeks or more, you should check the routes you are traveling and plan for lodging along the way. You’ll want to avoid construction zones and routes that make you stop several times for lights or slow you down in city traffic. You also should try to choose routes that will offer scenic splendor and make your motorcycle road trip a true pleasure. Along the way, you will need to stop for gas, grab a bite to eat, and have a place to rest your head at night. Packing your own food can help you keep up your riding pace and cover more miles each day. Beef jerky, trail mix, and bottles of water work best for road travel. Even if you are planning on camping at your final destination, it helps to stay at clean motels and hotels while en route to give you more riding time when traveling.

Local Roads and Scenery

Once you arrive at your motorcycle road trip destination, you should have a good idea of what you want to see and do while there. Unique local roads and sites help you to get a good feel for the local surroundings. Knowing what you want to do in advance helps to make a memorable motorcycle road trip full of fun and adventure.