You know you need to winterize your motorcycle if you are not going to ride it during the colder, winter months. But what about the gear you wear when you ride? Should you just leave it lying next to the bike in a big heap? Not if you want it to last! Here are some of the motorcycle gear items you will want to winterize in order to make them last as long as the bike…or longer.



The helmet is one of the sturdiest pieces of gear you have to go along with your bike, and it should be. That being said, the helmet should not have to sit out in a freezing garage all winter long. In order to winterize your helmet, it is a good idea to clean the dust and dirt from it with a soft rag. Then, place it in a helmet box or at least wrap it in a towel or blanket. Find a shelf inside the house where it will not be exposed to the cold temperatures all winter long. This will help it preserve its integrity for your next ride.



You know your motorcycle jacket gets stiff and uncomfortable when you leave it in the cold garage for too long. So why would you leave it out there all winter? Leather can actually crack and break if it gets dried out and remains cold for too long. When you are done with your jacket for the year, clean it with leather cleaner in order to remove the dirt and dust that has built up over the many rides you’ve worn it on. You might use this opportunity to condition the leather as well. Once the jacket is clean, hang it in the back of the closet to keep it warm and safe for the winter.



Riding gloves can withstand a lot, but they will last a lot longer if you are gentle with them. Use the leather cleaners and conditioners to get them clean and soft for the end of the season. If you leave them dirty all winter long, they may be unusable when you try to wear them next year. Once they are clean, you can stash them in a bag or box inside the house so they are warm and dry over the winter.



Riding glasses seem pretty indestructible, but most of them are simply reinforced plastic. Plastic can crack and break when they get cold and if they are cold for too long, it can put the integrity of the frame into question. Wipe down the riding glasses and store them in a box on the closet shelf along with your gloves until you are ready to ride again.



Motorcycle boots are rather versatile. They are great for riding, but they also work well in winter weather. If you want to get the most wear from your boots, enjoy them year round. Use them for riding in the spring, summer and fall and then use them for walking on snow and ice in the winter. If you want to keep them just for riding, clean them and store them inside with the other items.


Be sure to winterize motorcycle as well as all of your motorcycle gear, as it is important when you want your rides to be as safe as possible. Take care of the items in the winter by cleaning and storing them and they will take care of you once the motorcycle season hits again. Gear that is left outside in the cold can still work, but it will last a much shorter time span than items you care for properly.