When it comes getting your product designed, developed and delivered, Is your glove company more like a leopard — the fastest land animal — or a snail?

“Fast fashion” companies have figured out how to be responsive to consumer demand, and get product to stores FAST.

The consumer expects it, sales growth depends on it.

Can you say the same abut your company, and supply chain?

If not, what’s slowing you down?

Free eBook: How To Shorten Glove Lead Times

When you plan out deliveries for your glove line, how are your lead times?

In today’s speed obsessed world, product development and sourcing teams have to be more agile and faster than their competitors.  Here’s a free guide to help you to do just that.

In this new ebook, we address 7 important strategies — from developing an accurate calendar, to working with your supplier on more nimble importing logistics  — and everything in between.

Get tips to:

  • Source materials efficiently — especially your longest lead time items.
  • Select a glove factory that will be responsive in scheduling your production: learn what to look for
  • Ensure better and faster communication with Asia: best practices
  • Importing logistics that can save you time and money
  • 6 questions to ask your glove company, to keep them on track, and speed things up

Find Out What’s Slowing You Down! 

Download a copy of the ebook, “How To Shorten Glove Lead Times” … and get ahead of the game.