Every winter, the electric gloves debate heats up (we couldn’t help ourselves …)

Just this week, we got two product reviews on the subject!  So then we asked the question on facebook and twitter, and the results are pretty interesting.  

The experienced riders we hear from (not a scientific sample by any means) are split down the middle, but maybe leaning more to heated gloves.

Take a look at the following two 5-star glove reviews: Two experienced riders, with completely different views! more


Stephan P. writes: These gloves are amazing.  12/01/14
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They are incredibly warm. Avid skiers know there is no substitute for leather and the same goes for motor cycle riders. They are totally wind proof and extremely supple and comfortable. The large roomy cuffs easily cover and seal even the most bulky jacket sleeves. Was going to get electric gloves, but get the job done way more simply.  


Kenneth S. writes: These gloves are awesome!  11/29/14

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I use them for motorcycling…the perfect glove when it starts to get cold … I would say they’re good down to about 45 degrees…below that I’ll go with my electric gloves. Very high quality leather. I highly recommend them.

To get a better sense of why riders prefer heated gloves, or not, we ran an informal poll on social media. That’s when it got really interesting …


We asked riders:


           “Winter Motorcycle Riding: Are Heated Gloves for You?

On Twitter, Jeff S. says …
“Nope … all the plugging and unplugging.  I would get stuck and trapped”.



But things went completely the other way on Facebook when we asked the same question.
Among really experienced riders (the typical Olympia customer), our informal poll came out 30/70 in favor of heated gloves 


… and even the riders who haven’t tried them yet are leaning towards electric gloves:


Tim J.:  Yes please, when my hands get cold. Nothing else works.



Michael O. : Never tried them.



Michael F.:  Love my heated gear!



Andy M.:  Yes!



Chuck C.:  Want to try heated gloves. Haven’t used them yet. But the hands are getting older.



Janeen C.: i LOVE mine



Michael U.: Not yet but each year as I get older and colder I’m leaning that way!



Bill H.: Heck yes!



David. L: Absolutely for riding under 35



Which Winter Motorcycle Gloves Are Right for You?


4102_back_and_frontWell … you get the idea.  There is no one right answer, every rider has to decide for him or herself.


We don’t actually have a dog in this fight … we like any kind of glove that keeps your hands safe and warm.


We make the warmest un-heated winter gloves we can.  You can read about some of them here:

But if you want a heated glove it’s fine by us too!  Go buy a Gerbing glove — great quality, great company, and we think their gloves rock.


 What’s your ideal solution for keeping hands warm?



Mainly, we want to understand what winter gloves riders choose, and why, to learn how to improve our gloves in the future.

  • Are you a rider who says winter gloves are bulky and never warm enough? Or …
  • Does the feeling of being connected (or the expense) sway you towards unheated winter motorcycle gloves. Maybe you just never felt a need for them?
Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts about heated gloves vs. other winter riding gloves, and what glove you’ll be wearing this winter.



P.S. No matter what glove you wear, we vote for lots of hot chocolate stops!  Whatever it takes to stay warm:) 



Ride Safe!  You may also enjoy reading:



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