Let’s face it men. We’re terrible at giving gifts most of the time. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Why go with the same ol’ thing… chocolate is played out, flowers die and lingerie is a tough buy? But if your better half rides a motorcycle, women’s gloves that fit just right could set you up for success! 

Finding the right women’s motorcycle gloves can be almost as tricky as finding the right lingerie. But it doesn’t have to be a Valentine’s horror story. With the right direction, you can get the gift that keeps on giving every riding season. Here are a few things to look for. 

What’s her style?

You know the woman in your life. Does she prefer leather or lace? Is she often cold, and in need of some warmer layers? Is she looking for safety or “a look?” Consider her other gear – what colors does she prefer when riding … and make sure the gloves fit her wardrobe. Yes, black goes with everything and it’s your go-to for style. However, maybe motorcycle gloves for women with a splash of color (that matches her ride) is what she’s really wanting.

What’s her size?

Sure, holding hands in public might get you a bit of razzing from your boys. But it’ll probably score you points with your lady. It’ll also tell you how big her hands are. When looking for the right size motorcycle gloves for women, think about how big her hands are compared to yours. 

Caution: Remember that women’s hands aren’t just smaller versions of a man’s mitts. In our article “Women’s Motorcycle Gloves: The Right Fit for Smaller Hands” we addressed this common misconception:

Women have relatively narrow hands with long fingers while men’s hands are relatively wide with short fingers.  In addition to slender hands and fingers, some of us have fingernails … some of us even wear rings!
Well-designed women motorcycle gloves should take all these factors into account.  Made from women’s hand patterns, based on women’s hand/fit models.
That’s reflected in the fit, feel and proportions of our women’s gloves styles likeThe Ringer, the Women’s Aventador, and 9 other women’s motorcycle gloves that take this into account, with a size range that starts at S and goes through XL for some styles.

Skip the flowers and shy away from candy. Go right for the top notch gift your Valentine will wear every day she rides. She’ll think of you when she twists that throttle and leans into the curve. You’ll thank us for it. And if you’ve already tried this, let us know in the comments how it went. Keep it clean though… 

Happy Valentine’s Day!