This year’s  Asia Pacific Leather Fair (APLF) wrapped up earlier this week.  With over 1,200 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors, it’s a huge showcase for the leather industry, where you see everything  from classic leather selections to emerging trends on display. 

The show is a great place to exchange ideas and information with colleagues in the industry. This year the need to source alternatives due to rising hide prices was a particular topic of discussion.

And of course, we all want to see what’s new.  Bright colors, distressed textures, alternatives that offer price advantages —  you can see it all here, under one roof. The APLF is  a great place to look for innovative materials, designs, finishes and colors for the forthcoming seasons.

As they say … a picture is worth a 1000 words. We are sharing some pictures from the fair,  if you’re interested in leather.  Enjoy!

Below:  pictures don’t convey the scale.  So many leather producing countries represented, from Brazil to Turkey to Pakistan to Italy — like a session at the United Nations. 




Below:  Lots of innovative new leathers and treatments materials.  The sample below is from a Italian owned tannery in Bangladesh.  If we hadn’t told you, would you even identify this as leather!?


Below:  these fashion prints on leather are great for a young customer  — lots of ways to use creatively.




Above and below:  Hmmm … how would these skulls look on a pair of leather motorcycle gloves!



Leather Glove Manufacturers:  Back to the Real World

Black is still the dominant color in our industry, and the pictures above may not be right for our brands … but it is fun to see “what’s new” get a gloval look at what else can be done with leather!

That was a nice creative excursion … and it gets the design juices flowing … but now, back to the real world.

Glove Sourcing Checklist: 10 Questions To Ask Your Glove Supplier

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