Every once in a while, a topic comes up on our Facebook page that strikes a nerve.


Last week, we tossed out a softball question about motorcycle dealerships, expecting to hear a wish list of bikes, fantasy farkles, and gear.

Instead, we heard some pretty bitter answers, veiled in humor.

While some of the comments are funny, we wondered about the reason for the negativity.

Do you rave about your dealership experience? And if not, why not?more

Motorcycle Dealerships:  What Riders Say

Here’s what we asked, and what we heard:

Fill in the blank: I’m taking a trip to my motorcycle dealer this weekend, to get a ___________________.

And, here were the comments:

“… dirty looks when I sit on the bikes in the showroom.”
“… lemon”
“… hassled to buy a new bike”
“… bad answers to technical questions”
“… fuel filter”
“… dealer?  What the hell are those for?”
“… paycheck! I work for my local Harley dealer.”
“… blinker fluid”
“… extra work that I don’t need”
“… overcharged”
“… screwed”
“…glove order!”
“… A general warning lite canceled”.

It’s gut check time, dealers. Do you get positive reviews and word of mouth?

Customer Service is Everything

We admire dealers like those on The Power 50,  Bob Jones Montgomeryville Cycle, and Westerville Ohio’s Iron Pony. They take customer satisfaction very seriously, and invest in a well-trained team. They couldn’t stay in business any other way.

Still, as they say, you’re only as good as your last performance.

When was the last time you asked your customers — and your employees — what you can do to exceed expectations?

Motorcycle Dealers: Weigh in!

Reading “I’ve never had a good dealer experience” stings. Whether it’s an “outlier” experience, or representative of a few less progressive dealers, we cannot say.  But it’s also a good reminder.

In a world of online reviews and social media, the only way to grow is to consistently delight your customers. You won’t be around very long if you don’t.

Riders, tell us about your dealer experiences.  And if you’re a dealer owner or employee, we’d love to hear from you, too.

P.S. Riders: Shop Local!

Most of the dealers who carry our gloves are family-owned businesses … just like ours. They work hard to gain and keep your business. Their success supports your local economy.

If you’re shopping for gloves or gear, instead of reaching for your mouse, why not pay them a visit!?