Growing your glove business is the goal, but there’s a lot to keep your eye on.

Product merchandising, and profitability. Quality, sourcing, and speed to market.

Well, here’s some good news! An easy way to give your brand a tune-up, and get new projects off on the right foot.

Whether you’re outsourcing glove production or doing it all in-house, here’s a free kit with everything you need to jump start your next season’s glove line.


Glove Company Resources: NEW Glove Buyer’s Kit

This kit is a multi-part resource for private label glove buyers, and their product and sourcing teams. It offers guidance on topics such as how to manage the cost of a glove, and how to make a more innovative and technically superior product.

In it, you’ll find 4 helpful planning resources:

  • The Hidden Costs In Glove Manufacturing: Discover where overlooked costs are hiding in your  supply chain.
  • How to Shorten Lead Times: 7 strategies to get your product designed, made, and landed faster.
  • 8 Signs You Are Ready to Outsource Manufacturing: How outsourcing can help you reach your fit, feel, performance and margin goals.  
  • Benefits and Types of Outsourcing Strategies: 8 ways outsourced manufacturing can help you manage your glove business — and 3 services models to choose from.

Prep your glove line for success. Download the Glove Buyer’s Kit now:


The kit addresses the following common glove challenges:

  •     Where could you be incurring extra costs in each step of glove development and manufacturing?
  •     How to leverage sourcing partnerships to increase speed to market and shorten lead times.
  •     What outsourcing options are there?
  •     How to refresh a line with customer needs in mind

Olympia Glove President Roger Heumann explains the reason for the Glove Buyer’s kit this way: 

“By educating glove product teams and their buyers about what goes into making a better glove, we all win in the end. The end user gets a better product, and a happier customer is why we’re all in business.”

We hope you’ll find this Glove Buyer’s Kit useful, for a leg up on glove planning and a competitive edge!

PS – Leave a comment, and let us know what future resources you’d like to see.

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