Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when the median nerve running from the forearm into the palm is pressured and squeezed at the wrist. The nerve sense sensations into the hand and impulses to small muscles in a number of areas. The median nerve in the carpal tunnel area can become compressed when it is overused or traumatized. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be mild, moderate, or even severe. At best, it is uncomfortable. When you think of carpal tunnel syndrome, you most often attribute it to someone sitting at a desk typing for too long with bad posture. But the affliction can settle in with many others as well. Even motorcycle riders. When you ride your motorcycle, do your hands ever get numb? That could be from the bike’s vibration, but it also could be the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. Here are a few ways motorcycle gloves can combat, prevent, and help cure carpal tunnel syndrome in motorcycle riders.more


They relieve pressure

Motorcycle gloves generally have built in pads to help you if you are ever to fall from your bike. These pads also act as a buffer between your hands and your handles. They relive the pressure of the metal bar against your hand and help numbness you might experience.


They help grip

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, gripping your handlebars might become painful. You might fear that your grip will loosen too much. Gloves impact the affliction greatly in this way because they can help you maintain the grip you need, even if your hands are not fully up to the normal position.


They aid hand placement

Do you ride with your hands in a certain spot? It might feel awkward to ride any differently, but have you ever though that the way you ride could be causing your problem? Just like slouching at the computer, proper grip can help your carpal tunnel syndrome improve. Gloves are created to help you hold the handlebars in a safe, effective manner. Go with the gloves and the impact will be great.


They add strength

When you have to turn the bike handle repeatedly, your hand will get weary. Wearing gloves will give you a better grip and you will find that you do not have to hold the bar as tight. This will give you additional strength and you will not have to turn your hand as much to get the same results. All of that will impact the carpal tunnel syndrome you may experience.


They protect hands

If you have not had issues with carpal tunnel syndrome and you don’t want to start now, the best thing you can do is get and regularly use a good pair of motorcycle gloves. The gloves can shelter your hands against vibration and other elements that can aid the syndrome. The best way to stop carpal tunnel syndrome is to avoid getting it in the first place.


Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful affliction that is hard to get over. If you get it, wear good gloves on a regular basis to control it. If you want to avoid it, use the gloves to side step the issue altogether.