What touchscreen devices or apps are essential while on the road?

How many times have you been riding, and pulled over to consult your GPS?  Or perhaps there’s a weather or traffic app on your iphone that you needed to check.

More and more, we rely on our touchscreen devices, and touchscreen gloves are a great option for tapping, swiping and scrolling.

They keep hands comfortable and protected, and make these devices easier to use on the road.

Next Generation Touch Screen Gloves for Motorcycle Riders

While touchscreen motorcycle gloves have been around for a while, the latest generation of touchscreen gloves are more useful than ever.

Updated technology includes:

  • Touch screen leather fingertips on the index finger and thumb, using nano-technology enabled leather
 These conductive fingertips allow you to simulatenouly tap or swipe your android or iphone with  thumb and index finger.
  • Gloves with conductive leather fingertips, with nanotechnology enabled leather, means that there are no seams, lumps or bumps at the fingertips … which enhances comfort in use with all your digital devices.

Introducing 2 New Touch Screen Gloves

If your last season’s lighter spring gloves aren’t road worthy, check out these 2 new touch screen styles:

The Roper men’s style has long been a rider favorite, and is as handsome as ever.

The new women’s style, which we call The Rose has the same great performance features.