Heat Trapping Fibers Keep Hands Warm

Your body is like a furnace — constantly breaking down the fuel you put into it and turning it into the energy that keeps you moving.

In the winter, you can stay warm during outdoor activities – so long as you keep that heat contained.

Problem is, when riding a motorcycle at 60+ mph, your hands are constantly exposed to the elements, and especially vulnerable to heat loss.

Thankfully, the wizards at 3M invented Thinsulate®

This insulating material offers “warmth without bulk” … and when added to motorcycle gloves, helps to keep hands warm.more

Thinsulate® Motorcycle Gloves:  Insulated Gloves, Without Bulk

Ounce for ounce, Thinsulate is even warmer than duck down!

  • Thinsulate keeps you warmer, because its fibers are much finer than the fibers in other insulation materials, ounce for ounce.  It traps more air, and reflects the body’s heat back to you better.
  • Thinsulate breathes. Not only does Thinsulate trap warm air between thin fibers to prevent heat loss … but it allows moisture to escape, too. That’s an important benefit for riders, since no one likes or wants sweaty hands.
  • Less Bulky By Design.  Thinsulate offers increased mobility and a thinner profile compared to other insulation alternatives. It takes less volume of Thinsulate to keep you warm compared to these other materials.

How Much Thinsulate Should Be In a Glove?

There are 5 different types of Thinsulate, with a range of weights and different performance characteristics.  Similar to insulation for your house:  there are different weights, thicknesses, R-Values, and other unique qualities.  The choice for any given glove design is based on how and when the glove will be used. 

Note: looking at weight alone can be misleading.  It may surprise you to learn that more Thinsulate does not necessarily make a warmer motorcycle glove.  A lot depends on the construction and placement of the insulation. 

  • An insulated glove designed for warmth should have more insulation on the backs of the hands and fingers and between fingers, as these areas are most exposed, and less on the palms and inside surfaces of the hand, where tactile response and feel of the grips and controls is paramount.

Think about it:  if the same amount of Thinsulate was on your palms as the back of the hand, it would feel like you’ve got pillows strapped to your hands! …  and not give you the grip you need.

When evaluating warm motorcycle gloves, look for a glove designed to keep hands warm, without sacrificing grip or tactile response.



NEW FOR 2013: Olympia Motorcycle Gloves with Thinsulate:

soft_inside_coverIntroducing The WOLF and The HUSKY —

— Rugged warmth, with amazing comfort.

We are pleased to introduce two new winter gloves:

4270 Gore-Tex® Wolf is a leather insulated glove with Goretex weather protection (waterproof, windproof,  breathable), and Thinsulate for warmth. 

Rugged, all-season protection, this glove keeps heat locked in with a 2-way adjustable cuff for use over or under your jacket, and a cozy interior lining that you won’t want to take off!  (Read more: Learn about many more high performance features)

4390 Aquatex Husky features Aquatex waterproof/windproof/breathable weather protection, in addition to Thinsulate for warmth.

A combination of rugged textile exterior and leather palm keeps your hands warm, with a good feel of the controls. It comes with same comfortable SoftInside lining and modified gauntlet as it’s “Wolf” sibling (plus many other high performance rider features: Learn more).

All in all, we offer 10 Styles of insulated gloves with Thinsulate.  Check them out:

Glove Reviews:  What Real Riders Say …

Especially as another “polar vortex” is about to descend … you may be looking for extra warm gloves.

In that case, we hope you’ll  check out glove reviews by “Olympia” customers, and take ours for a spin!

Can’t find the type of warm glove that you’re looking for?  Please leave us a comment below, let us know “what you’re missing”.


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