Motorcycle gloves are needed for hand protection, weather protection, grip, anti-vibration, warmth and comfort.

Before you choose a pair of gloves, measure your hand to make sure they'll fit perfectly.

Here are our top 7 factors to think about when buying motorcycle gloves.

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1. Cuff Length

Motorcycle glove styles are usually defined by the cuff length that covers your wrist and lower forearm. No cuff or “shorties” cut off right at your wrist, while others provide varying cuff lengths up the lower forearm. Your jacket’s sleeve length will most likely factor in the decision of which cuff works best, as you may want your gloves to tuck in under or cover over top of your sleeve. You may also want a gap in between your glove and sleeve, to allow a bit extra ventilation up the sleeve. Have two different pairs of gloves – one “shortie” pair for summer and one pair with a mid-length cuff to cover sleeves is a good idea.

2. Fingers or Fingerless

While most gloves include coverage for your fingers, you may find your finger movement is restricted. To overcome this, you may consider a pair of fingerless gloves, where the ends have been cut off from about the first or second knuckle down from the finger tip.

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The correct glove fit is critical. Proper close fit and sizing is a combination of carefully selected glove patterns, shell, lining materials and meticulous stitching along with the rider's accurate hand measurement.

4. Material

Like most other motorcycle gear, motorcycle gloves come in leather or textile. The one you choose usually boils down to personal preference.  Leather is the choice of many riders because of its form-fitting comfort, durability and breathability. Textiles are chosen for weather protection and their light weight comfort and performance.

340 Vented Kevlar Protector5. Ventilation

Gloves should allow your hands to breathe while preventing sweaty hand. Some gloves come with perforated holes along the back of the hand, palm or along the knuckles and some will offer both.

6. Protection

A riding glove needs to have enough armor in the right spots to protect against impact, yet still offer a good amount of flexibility to freely operate the bike.  In the unlikely event you go down while riding, your instinct is going to be to throw your hands out to brace for impact. The fundamental purpose of your gloves is to protect your hands from terrible road rashes that can seriously damage your hands. Your gloves must also be tough enough to protect you from the elements.

730 Smart Touch Motorcycle Gloves7. Anti-vibration and Shock Reduction

You might want to think about motorcycle gloves offering extra padding along the palms. Particularly for a sport bike rider who leans forward while riding. Much of your upper body weight is pressing down through your palms on the handlebars. Plus, it cuts down on the vibration from the front wheel. We highly recommend extra padding in the palms for anyone, especially those who prefer the “crotch rocket”.

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