Touch Screen devices — and touch screen gloves —  are great for their convenience.

But as riders, we know that our electronics are not always going to be useful.  The Coast Guard has a motto:  ALWAYS READY … and the Scouts say “BE PREPARED” …

Always be ready for that moment when your touch screen is not going to be there for you.

Think about these possible situations before starting your engine. 

Don’t assume you’ll be able to call for help in an emergency or use your GPS.

To make sure you don’t find yourself in a bad predicament on the road, do a check:

1. Make sure your Smart Phone and/or GPS is charged. 

2. Plan for when you don’t have cell service or GPS.

Depending on where you ride the signal between your phone and the cell site can be weak or non-existent due to certain structures blocking you, so be prepared for “dead zones”.

Cell towers can go out in bad weather, and sometimes when you ride off the beaten path, rural areas do not have cell service. 
  • Make sure you have ample amount of fuel in your gas tank before finding the next filling station.  Never go below 1/4 tank.
  • Carry an old school paper road map in your gear bag.

3.  If you are crossing the border (in or out of Canada or Mexico, or planning to ride in any foreign country): Make sure you have updated maps uploaded onto your device.

I actually found myself in this situation not long ago.  My GPS was U.S. only!  Check out GPS service in the area you will be riding before your trip.

4.  Pay attention on the road!  … Perhaps this should have been #1 on our list. 

Touch Screen devices are great but can lead to inattention to the road. For safety, don’t text while riding!  Even having your phone on vibrate can be a dangerous distraction. 


Wait to check or send a message or program your GPS until you are at a stop. 

There are enough  distracted cagers on the road, driving and texting … lets not add distracted motorcycle riders as well!

Touch Screen Gloves: Enjoy the Benefits, But Plan for When Technology Fails

Let’s not forget how we rode before electronics, which we all did in the not too distant past!  Enjoy your touchscreen devices, but be prepared for them to fail!


If you have a story about riding and technology, we’d like to know.  Leave a comment!

Ride safe … enjoy the wind!
P.S. I started wearing a pair of touch screen gloves this past year — I actually love this glove feature — what did I do before I had it!?  Swiping and tapping my phone without taking gloves off is now one of life’s little pleasures. Plus mine are a cool shade of purple:)

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Image source: Gizmodo