Designing a product line takes teamwork — and the more clarity on goals and requirements, the better the results.

That’s why we created this multi-part kit for glove buyers, and their product sourcing and design teams.

The Glove Maker’s Product Planning Kit is a useful collection of free resourcesto help you better manage the glove making process.

The Glove Makers Product Planning Kit

This kit addresses the following common glove challenges:

  • How to refresh an existing glove line with your customers’ needs in mind?
  • For a new line, how to add the functionality your target customer will value most?
  • Tips to manage project schedules, to source and get product made and delivered faster.

We’ve included the following planning tools:

  • A design brief template to help you clarify business goals and consumer requirements, and keep your team on the same page.
  • Planning tips and timeline suggestions: to help align product development with your need for speed, and to expedite sourcing, samples and importing.
  • Product checklist: functional “must-haves”, for a more innovative and technically superior glove.
  • A wide range of planning details to help you manage cost and achieve your overall goals.

Remember … better planning is the first step towards achieving your desired results. 

Before you begin another glove project, make sure all parties are on the same page. Download our glove design brief and product planning templates today! 


P.S.: For more tips on managing glove cost, request our guide on The Hidden Costs of Glove Manufacturing as well.