The open road.

There is no feeling in the world as liberating as cruising down the highway on your motorcycle. This sense of freedom can be enjoyed by riders with any level of experience and while riding any sort of motorcycle.

There are as many types of motorcycles as there are riders.  Riders also have a vast selection of equipment from which to choose.   Helmets, boots and jackets are some of the gear riders can purchase as stock item or customize to their personal taste.   When it comes to gloves, motorcycle riders can make their selections based on both style and functionality.

The Clue is in the Glove

There is a surprising amount of information that can be learned about a rider by the type of gloves they select.   As there are many types of  gloves, motorcycle enthusiast  that are designed specifically for different types of riding.

Gear for Any Weather

Many motorcycle riders try to enjoy their bikes as many months during the year as possible and by having the correct types of riding gloves, riders can make this possible. While there are different types of weather resistant gloves, motorcycle riders can opt for the gloves best suited for their needs.  

Dry Lock gloves are fully water-proof and wind-proof but do not allow for much ventilation.  For the rider needing more usability in the gloves, motorcycle glove makers offer Aqua-Tex gloves. This product offers full protection from wind and water as well as ventilation.   Gore-Tex gloves offer the three qualities mentioned above and also feature increased insulation.

Riders may also want to consider motorcycle gloves that reach above the wrist.   This gives greater protection from the elements along with added safety in the event of a crash.

On the Streets

Leather gloves have been used almost as long as motorcycles have existed.   Leather gives riders a great grip on the controls while allowing for the great flexibility needed for riding.  With thicker gloves, drivers can keep warm in winter while thinner leather gloves still offer great protection but are cooler to wear during summer months.

Finger-less gloves are very popular with those who ride cruisers.   As the larger bikes tend to have more controls, the finger-less glove allows the driver greater ability to operate these features.  By opting for  finger-less gloves, riders can enjoy more ventilation in warm weather.

The Rise of Textile

With the popularity of textile gloves, motorcycle riders have seen great improvements in recent years and can now offer as much protection as leather gloves.  This is because manufacturers can incorporate body armor into the design of the glove.  Textile gloves can offer better ventilation than leather.

Off-road riders frequently use gloves that are a hybrid of leather and textile.  Such gloves are noticeably thicker and feature greater protection on areas that can expected to have greater impact with the ground.   The use of textile allows for better ventilation as off-road riding can can be more physically exerting.

The Bottom Line

Selection a pair of gloves. not only helps cyclists be more comfortable as they ride, they play an important role in motorcycle safety.   By having a pair of well-fitting, quality gloves, motorcycle rider can help prevent injuries to their hands in the event of a crash.

And preventing injuries can be a key element in continuing to enjoy your motorcycle.