Many motorcyclists invest in protective gear including helmets, jackets, boots and other items. But motorcycle gloves are not always very high on the priority list. Hands and fingers on any rider are exposed and if the rider ever hit the ground, the hands could very well be the first point of contact. Motorcycle gloves are part of the protective gear and they also give you more grip, better impact cushioning, relief from vibration and blister prevention. If you are interested in investing in motorcycle gloves, here is what to look for.

Overall Fit
Motorcycle gloves need to fit you in a snug fashion that is not too tight and not too loose. When you try them on, grip your hands to make sure the gloves will stretch around your knuckles in a comfortable fashion. There should not be any bunching around the points on your hand where you will be putting extra pressure when you ride.

Motorcycle gloves need to fit up over your wrist. They should go beyond that area by at least 2 inches so the skin is covered even when the gloves ride up around the knuckle area when you grip. If you ride in the colder weather, the gloves will keep the skin between your sleeves warm.

Extra Padding
Motorcycle gloves are not like any other glove. They are meant to have extra abrasion resistance in case you tip over and slid to the pavement on any occasion. The padding in the palm should be attached in a secure manner so the gloves will protect your hands if the meet the road.

While you may ride your motorcycle in cooler weather, you will also likely ride when it is warm. Good ventilation really helps your hands breath on those hot days. A few holes along the hand and even into the fingers will help allow airflow.

Free Movement

No matter what type of glove you buy, the most important aspect is dexterity. You need to be able to move your hands freely and easily in order to operate the controls. Test the gloves out and make sure you can move your hands in every direction you may need.

Solid Construction

Look the gloves over and check out the seams, the linings and the other closures to make sure they have a good finish. You will want high quality gloves with double stitched seams that will hold up against a lot of long rides.

Water Resistance

Even if you don’t like to ride in the rain, you may get caught in it at some point. Having gloves that are water-resistant or even waterproof is a good idea. You do not want gloves that will slip and slide if you are ever out in the rain.


Your gloves will rest on your handlebars, but they should be something that will help you get noticed by other drivers on the road. If you use hand signals, the gloves need to be highly visible. But they may sometimes be the only part of you that a driver sees in a rearview mirror and they need to reflect so that you are visible at all times.

There are many different things you will want to find in motorcycle gloves. Try on a few pairs and you will start to notice the difference. Investing in a high-quality pair of gloves is best for the overall riding experience you want.