As every biker knows, there is nothing like the feel of hand grips through a pair of leather gloves. Soft and supple, the best ones allow you to have nearly as much tactile sense as your bare fingers, yet your hands will always be protected from the wind, rain or even if you take a nasty spill.

But if you want the ultimate riding glove, than you want deerskin gloves. No motorcycle glove, no matter what it is made of, will fit your hand better or feel softer doing it. You can get a lesser type of leather glove, but once you wear deerskin motorcycle gloves, you’ll never go back. And here’s why.

Naturally Waterproof

Deerskin motorcycle gloves are naturally water repellent. The oils in deerskin leather will keep your hand drier longer, and that always means a better ride. If they get wet, or you wash them, replenish the oils with a quality leather conditioner and you’ll be good to go.

Custom Fit Every Time you Put Them On

Each time you put on a pair of deerskin motorcycle gloves, it will feel as if they are custom fit especially for your hands. The leather will stretch out on the width of your hand, but the fingers will never stretch lengthwise. That means the gloves will grip your hand like they were made for it, and your fingers will always rest snuggly against the finger tips.

The Toughest Gloves Around

If you want abrasion resistance and toughness like no other, than you’ll want deerskin leather on your hands. Unlike the fibers in other types of leather, the fibers in deerskin leather are interwoven, and that means superior resistance to rips, tears and asphalt, if you know what I mean. They will keep your hands protected better, yet they will always remain soft while doing so.

3 Season Gloves

That same interwoven leather structure that works so well to ward off abrasions, also acts wonderful as an insulator. Wind and cold have a harder time penetrating through deerskin leather, so your hands will stay warmer all the time. And if you really must ride in the winter, add in a pair of liners for the best in hand warmth and protection.

The Bottom Line

Deerskin motorcycle gloves are comparably priced to other types of leather, yet they give you so much more value for the dollar. You just can’t beat them for fit, comfort and overall durability. And that’s the bottom line.