Like most motorcyclists, you probably have several pairs of riding gloves for use in many different types of riding conditions. Yet, there is one type of glove that generally does well in virtually all types of weather and riding conditions while providing superior protection for your hands. Deerskin gloves give you a great combination of comfort, protection, durability, and great looks.

Soft and Supple

Deerskin gloves are exceptionally comfortable to wear and have an elastic quality to them. The leather is soft and supple with a naturally dimpled yet plump texture that makes them look good. Because of its elastic nature, deerskin gloves generally fit your hand better by adapting to your hand and fingers more readily than cowhide and other popular and common types of leather. Because deerskin gloves are more form-fitting in nature, they help to keep out cold air, moisture, and other natural elements.

Exceptionally Durable Leather

Deerskin gloves also are very durable and have a great deal of abrasion resistance despite being a naturally soft leather. They don’t tear or rip easily and provide superior protection for your hands.  Because of their durable quality, deerskin gloves are ideal motorcycle gloves that protect your hands equally well against the road, bugs, sun, and weather. The thick, soft leather offers greater natural padding than many other types of leather while also providing superior protection against road rash and other potential injuries when you are riding.

Greater Finger Dexterity

Another great advantage deerskin gloves have over cowhide and other competing leathers is its superior dexterity. When you wear deerskin gloves, you can adjust your idle without removing your gloves because you actually can feel the idle adjuster with your fingertips. Other types of leather won’t let you do that. You also have a better grip and feel for the throttle, clutch and front brake when you wear deerskin gloves while riding. And when you are grabbing for your wallet, putting on or removing your riding glasses, or adjusting your helmet strap, you can do those things while wearing deerskin gloves. Most other gloves would require removal.

Better Drying Characteristics

If you are like most serious motorcycle riders, you will encounter rain sooner or later. When you are wearing deerskin gloves, that rain isn’t such a bother. The leather remains tight and soft while wet and keeps your hands warm. Yet, when the rain goes away and the sun comes out, your gloves will stay soft instead of hardening like cowhide and other types of leather gloves often do. That makes deerskin gloves one of the best all-weather riding gloves you can find.

Natural Coloring

Gloves made of deerskin generally are a natural color and might be bleached to maintain a balanced look. Unlike cowhide, goat hide, and other popular alternative leathers, little or no stains are used to make deerskin gloves. So, when you are riding in the rain or your palms get sweaty on a hot day, you won’t have to worry about that annoying stain transfer that happens so often with many dyed leather gloves.

Abundant Supply

Another great advantage of deerskin gloves is the abundance of deerskin leather that is available. The North American white tail deer has the best hide for deerskin  gloves. Other types of deer also are used, such as mule deer. Black tail deer, and New Zealand deer, but glove manufacturers have found white tail deer to be the best available. Between annual hunting seasons and farm-raised white tail, that means there is a plentiful supply source for deerskin gloves, which helps to keep the market stable and the price relatively low.